Couples Counseling Center Helps Mature Couples Across the United States Find a New Lease on Love

The Northampton Center for Couples Therapy, or NCCT, provides couples with specialized, research-driven support in building a stronger connection or overcoming the challenges that arise during the later stages of a relationship.

NCCT also does not discriminate when it comes to the couples they serve. Partners who enjoy both a long-term commitment or a marriage are welcome at the practice. While the NCCT staff of nine licensed therapists serve couples of all ages, they also have therapists on staff who understand the specific challenges faced by couples in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

In a recent interview with NCCT therapist Martha Reeves, MA, LICSW, we discussed marriage problems after 20 years and beyond. We also explored how issues such as aging, death of loved ones and “empty nest syndrome” can affect how partners feel towards one another.

Reeves emphasized the importance of developing emotional intelligence, or EQ, as you age.

“Older couples have the same capacity as younger couples to develop new patterns of mind and heart,” says Reeves. “But, of course, the conditioning has to be reinforced over a longer period...They need these skills in order to feel more grounded and connected in their relationships.”

According to Reeves, the better each partner can adapt to and understand the changing needs of the other, the greatest success and fulfillment they will experience over time.

With over 25 years of experience treating couples and families, Reeves meets with couples of all ages, life stages and genders. Also, all NCCT sessions can be conducted in-person and online. Whether a couple lives in Massachusetts or the UK, the help is available to them.

About Northampton Center for Couples Therapy

The Northampton Center for Couples Therapy is the only practice in New England that specializes exclusively in treating couples. Their clients come from as far away as NYC, Boston, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and the Berkshires. Using some of the most well-researched, effective, and evidence-based models (such as EFT and the Gottman Method), they offer their clients care in stabilizing their relationships and having healthier families.

You can reach the center by phone at (413) 586-2300 or visit them online at

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