NimNik Offers Expert Tips on Educational Toys and Activities For Toddlers

NimNik, a recent "Amazon's Choice" award winner for toddler wooden toys, is a family-run business that sells affordable, high-quality parenting products through the Amazon marketplace. They have recently come out with some tips on engaging activities that toddlers are sure to love. As more and more people realize that they're unable to spend hundreds of dollars on toys for their kids, NimNik has taken it upon themselves to provide ideas for activities that allow for precious bonding time without breaking the bank. Nim

Nik wooden toys win

Some of the best ideas NimNik has offered to parents include:

·       Find time in your day to do some baking with your child. If they're too young to use stoves and knives, even with adult supervision, try something like chocolate-covered marshmallow treats or caramel popcorn, which can be done using the microwave.

·       Break out the watercolor paints, and, depending on how young your child is, a thorough covering of towels. Not only is painting fun and engaging, but it provides a great way for children to find their creative side and express themselves in a visual way.

·       Mold some scenes in play dough, either store-bought or homemade. Making homemade play dough is simple, and molding creatures and structures lets you teach your little one some basics of how the world around them works. It's also fun to build things, tear them down, and build them again.

·       Play around with some chalk outside. Going outside is great for kids, not only for the exercise it can provide, but for the Vitamin D and fresh air. Encourage that by playing some hopscotch, drawing faces and characters, or teaching them how to play timeless games like foursquare.

·       Create some old-fashioned pillow forts in your living room and read books inside. Choose some books your kids will like, whether that's short picture books or longer stories. Let your kids lead the way; even toddlers will take a liking to certain types of stories, be they short stories or fantastical rhymes.

·       Use wooden educational games to teach your toddlers about basic concepts like shapes and numbers. NimNik offers high-quality wooden toys that are cost-effective and will be great for your toddler to play with, whether you're with them or they're playing on their own.

As NimNik's husband and wife team stated, "We have personally spent a small fortune on baby products and accessories, and [..] we have found some great products we can share, so we decided to start a business offering them to other parents." The quick and easy shopping experience NimNik provides makes it easier to spend time with your kids instead of worrying about getting the best deal.

About NimNik: NimNik was founded in 2015 by a husband and wife team who set out to create a one-stop shop for high-value parenting products. The unique name of the company came from the names of their daughters Nimi and Niki, as their experience buying supplies and toys while raising their children made them realize the necessity of the services they provide. For more information, please visit


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