When Daronte's Father Went To Prison Inspires Kids To Care

When Daronte's Father Went To Prison Inspires Kids To CareWhen Daronte's Father Went To Prison Inspires Kids To Care

Jedlie Circus Productions, Inc is proud to recommend “When Daronte’s Father Went to Prison” by Kimberly Ballou as a Great Gift for any 8 to 12 year old readers this holiday season.

“When Daronte’s Father Went To Prison” has earned the Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read Status. The Reading With Your Kids Podcast is one of the most popular family podcasts, dedicated to inspiring families to read with their kids. The show hosts authors of all genres of children’s literature and has a large and still growing international audience. The Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read designation has been developed to acknowledge outstanding books and products that kids and parents will love to experience together.

Kimberly Ballou never set out to write a children’s book dealing with the issue of a child having an incarcerated parent. But when her fourth-grade students shared their personal stories of having a parent in prison, she sensed there was a need for such a book. She soon discovered there are over 5 million children living in the United States today that have one or more parents who are incarcerated. She also discovered there were no books written for middle grade students addressing this issue.

“After many consultations with children's librarians and booksellers produced no results, I decided to write the book I needed for my classroom, and my students needed to read,” she said. “It’s a book offering a message of hope to help children deal with the effects of having a parent in prison.”

As the title implies “When Daronte’s Father Went to Prison” tells the story of a ten-year-old boy named Daronte Williams. Like many young men his age Daronte likes basketball and playing video games with his father, and loves teasing his baby sister. One day while home sick from school Daronte’s life changes drastically and unexpectedly when he witnesses his father’s arrest. He struggles to find his balance in an upside-down world. Can Daronte handle all the changes in his life, keep his family from falling apart, AND learn to accept some not-so-good things about his father? Can he uncover who he really is underneath all his sadness and anger? Only time--and new friendships--will tell.

Reading With Your Kids Producer Fatima Khan had this to say about “When Daronte’s Father Went to Prison”, “once I started reading this book, I couldn't stop until the very end. In some of the parts when Dorante misses his father badly I could not control my emotions and cried. This is a powerful book that will help children facing this life changing circumstance. More importantly, it will help all children have empathy for others and appreciation for their families.”

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“When Daronte’s Father Went to Prison” was written by Kimberly Ballou. Kimberly Ballou was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, the youngest of seven rambunctious children.  A bookworm from early childhood, Kimberly has an obsession to tell stories. That obsession led her to write her first play at age 9.  After graduating from Princeton University and spending years in the corporate world, she fled to the relative sanity of an urban classroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Kimberly now lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas with overflowing bookshelves filled with stories from all over the world.

The Reading With Your Kids Podcast is hosted by Jed Doherty, a social worker, award winning children’s author and nationally acclaimed educational speaker. He is best known to the World as Jedlie. The podcast can be heard on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher Radio, PodCastAddict, Podbean and many other podcasting platforms. You can learn more about the show and listen to past episodes on www.ReadingWithYourKids.com .

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