The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids

The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids

The favorite time of year for many children is almost here. They will sleep with one eye open in hopes to catch Santa and they’re excitement will keep them awake all night. Make this sleepless night worthwhile and surprise the children this Christmas with these adorable wooden Zebra push and pull toys they will love.

Toddle Toys’ pull along toys are the ideal first Christmas gifts as they not only provide endless hours of fun but also encourage development of various essential physical and motor skills.

Pull along toys are cute companions throughout a child’s walking journey, from when they take their very first steps to when they become pros, this lovable Zebra will follow them every step of the way.

With a smoothed-edged design, these are suitable pull toys for 1 year old babies but are also the perfect gift 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and older.

A customer said:

“This is seriously one of the cutest toys. I purchased it as a gift for a family member or friend but my 5 year old son took one look at it and quickly claimed it as his own. He opened it and started running through the house dragging this little wooden zebra behind him. I of course would not dream of taking it back from him so I will just have to order another at a later date. Seeing the way he reacted to it was all I needed to give this toy 5 stars.”

Surprise your Child this Christmas with a toy they will not stop playing with! Available on Amazon now!


Toddle Toy manufactures toys that grow with children, encourage imagination and incorporate real-life skills and learning.

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