Poe 3.1 is going to be launched tomorrow on Xbox One

Path of Exile: War for the Atlas is going to be launched tomorrow on Xbox 1 alongside with the Abyss Challenge League. Finding out more in regards to the expansion here is possible. Tomorrow's version of the game includes bug fixes in the 3.1.0a, 3.1.0b and 3.1.0c updates. It is possible to obtain Xbox-specific patch notes here

Release timeline
We anticipate to bring the realm down at 1:30 pm PST on December 18 (US time). The kingdom will come up, and your console will start off patching the update at about 2 pm PST. The Abyss league also starts at this time. 

What occurs for the Harbinger league characters?
The Harbinger league will finish as quickly as the servers go down for maintenance. All Harbinger league characters might be migrated to their respective permanent leagues with all their items, quest progress and stashes. Items in your stash may well be placed in more "remove only" tabs. 

If your hideout within the Harbinger league has a lot more decorations than your sanctuary in the permanent league, it can come to be your hideout for the stable league. It is possible to discover extra about atlas migration right here. 

New languages
In War for the Atlas, you can be capable of play the game in any of the six available languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. For this, you can require adjusting the style of your console towards the several alternatives. 

Supporter packs and Upgrades
In the start of the league, two sorts of supporter packs will probably be available: The Fall of Oriath and War for the Atlas. This implies that when you have purchased one of several Fall of Oriath supporter packs, you can finally be able to upgrade them. Upgrade alternatives may also be obtainable for the new War for the Atlas supporter packs. 

You cannot upgrade from one particular line of supporter packs to a distinct one particular. (e.g., You could only improve the Beast Supporter Pack for the Kitava Supporter Pack). Common point packs cannot be upgraded to supporter packs. 

The Fall of Oriath supporter packs might be readily available till mid-January. Abyss supporter packs are scheduled to become released in mid-January. 

Microtransaction Release Schedule
The Fire and Ice Mystery Box will go on sale later this week. We strategy to add the Map Stash Tab in the first significant update in January of 2018. 

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