Trendy Baby And Company Offers Best Life Saving Baby CPR Tips

Trendy Baby And Company Offers Best Life Saving Baby CPR Tips

Miami, FL December 3, 2017 Having to give your baby CPR is traumatic, but by reading and listening to these instructions, you will be better equipped to have a more favorable outcome and raise chances of survival. First, what is CPR? CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR utilizes techniques such as chest compressions and rescue breaths to enable blood to freely circulate through the brain and other vital organs until the child revives or emergency medical personnel arrive. Keeping this blood circulating helps to mitigate brain damage and death.

While CPR is not hard to perform, it is essential to listen to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Confirm that the infant is unresponsive and not breathing while someone else calls 911. If alone quickly try these steps and immediately call 911 if no response. Shout to get the infant's attention, using her name. If she doesn't respond, tap the bottom of her foot and shout again while checking for normal breathing. Check to see whether the chest is rising, and simultaneously check for breathing. Place the baby on her back on a firm, flat surface. Stand or kneel next to her. Check that she isn't bleeding severely. If she is apply pressure to the area to stop it. Do not administer CPR until the bleeding has slowed. Step 2 below is critical to understand.

Step 2: Give 30 chest compressions.

Place one hand on the infant's forehead. Place the pads of two fingers in the center of her chest, just below the nipple line. Compress the chest by pushing straight down about 1 1/2 inches, and then let the chest return to its normal position. Push hard and push fast. Compressions should be smooth. Initiate compressions at the rate of two per second. Count out loud: "One and two and three and...", pushing down as you say the number and coming up as you say "and." Step 3 below is absolutely essential to read.

Step 3: Give Rescue Breaths

Open the airway by putting one hand on the baby's forehead and two fingers on her chin and tilting her head back to a neutral position. Make a complete seal over the baby's nose and mouth with your mouth. Take a normal breath and blow into the baby's nose and mouth for about one second, looking to see if the chest rises. If the chest does not rise, tilt the head again and ensure a proper seal before giving a second rescue breath. If the baby's chest doesn't rise, their airway is blocked. Open the baby's mouth, look for the blockage and remove it if you can. Continue to check the mouth for an object after each set of compressions until the baby's chest rises as rescue breaths go in.

Keep giving sets of 30 compressions and two rescue breaths until:

You notice an obvious sign of life.

An AED is ready.

You have performed approximately 2 minutes of CPR (5 sets of compressions and rescue breaths) and another person is available to take over compressions.

You have performed approximately 2 minutes of CPR (5 sets of compressions and rescue breaths), you are alone with the baby, and you need to call 911 or the designated emergency number.

EMS is there to take over.

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