Trendy Baby And Company Announces Best Holiday Tips For Avoiding Shady Sellers

Trendy Baby And Company Announces Best Holiday Tips For Avoiding Shady Sellers


Miami, FL November 26, 2017 With such an enormous amount of people trying to sell things on-line, there is no possible way to police all of the sellers. So, when you are going to make a purchase, or let's face it, several purchases, do you agree that some tips would be helpful to cover your rear? Of course you do, and we've got you covered. See Below:

Do Your Due Diligence On Sellers Who Aren't The Listed Manufacturer

Amazon is an open marketplace allowing virtually anyone to sell virtually anything. There are certain limitations with certain manufacturers, but by and large, it's very open. This open marketplace makes sense business wise for Amazon to maximize their revenue, but what does this mean for you? Don't assume that when you go to make your purchase that your exact purchase was straight from the manufacturer. See the “other sellers” writing on the right? Click on it. This means there are other sellers for this product, besides the manufacturer. What does that mean? Your specific purchase could be from a random “others sellers” who had the buy box at the exact time of your purchase, therefore you bought from that random seller, and not the manufacturer. So you shouldn't buy? Heck no but it  means you that doing further research on the seller is absolutely critical. How do you do this?  Read below:

Check Seller Feedback Rating And Customer Comments

By clicking on the company who listed the item you want to buy you can immediately see how good or bad of a seller they are, which in turn will give you a better idea of how likely it is that what you ordered is EXACTLY what you will get and in mint condition. If a seller has a feedback rating below 95%, this really isn't good. Amazon has very strict ratings, and you need to be wary of that. CRITICAL: With the feedback, you also need to take the time to see customer comment's, where you will probably see such comments as "item, perfect as described," or "item came all ripped up and product is used." Amazon’s Seller Feedback really gives you a good gauge of how much integrity and reliability the seller has, or doesn’t have. Now, how about the Storefront? This can be enlightening, sometimes downright scary, but you need to be vigilant so look below.

WARNING NUMBER 2: Watch Out For No Feedback, But a Ton Of Storefront Items Listed ALL At the Lowest Prices

If a seller has no feedback, but then has hundreds upon hundreds of items listed when you checked their storefront, AND at very low prices, unusually low (you can use your best judgment), there is an extremely high chance that they are a counterfeiter or hijacker, and not a legitimate seller. Why? A legitimate seller takes great time and care crafting their listings, they have feedback, and their prices are competitive because obviously they want to make MONEY. Would I avoid a seller with no feedback? Not necessarily, but you need to check their storefront, and make sure their prices are competitive. Again, ridiculously low prices on hundreds of items is a huge red flag.

So.... with just a little research of just a couple of minutes you can make sure all of your purchases on Amazon are ones you will not need to return because you bought from a shady seller. Now as far as someone liking or not liking their gift? We can't do anything about Aunt Susie not liking her shoes. Happy Holidays

Trendy Baby And Company is a Global Company Established to help the needs of all mothers. You can check them out at What does this mean? Instead of just bringing products to market guessing as to what the consumer, we actively seek out our consumers’ feedback. This is the backbone of what we do. This leads to creating products that actually have a tangible effect of helping others, which is very rewarding, achieves our goal, and lies at the heart of our philosophy. Simply put, we are 1000 percent dedicated to our customer’s and their happiness. Feel free to peruse our site, view our suite of products, and contact us if you have any questions.

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