Trendy Baby And Company Releases Holiday Tips to Deal With Mom-In-Law

Trendy Baby And Company Releases Holiday Tips to Deal With Mom-In-Law

Miami, FL, November 21, 2017 Trendy Baby And Company has released some helpful tips for how to successfully deal with your mother-in-law for the holidays. Listening, and more important, putting these into action during your holiday visit will help things go much smoothly.

One, acquiesce to your mother in law's wishes. So, if she wants to be in the bathroom for one hour, wants the heater on when you think it is already too warm, what's the big deal? Is it really worth fighting over and ruining the time spent together? The time will go by much easier and you will be much more sane if she is happy. Further, you are only going to be there for a certain amount of time, if you are visiting her, she only for a certain amount of time if she is visiting you. Point is it won't be FOREVA so make it work! 

Which leads me to two pick your battles: If your mother in law wants to put out a disgusting display of creamed corn or load up four pounds of butter with sweet potato, just shut up and eat it with a smile! If she doesn't like what you have out, offer to get or make something SHE wants. In other words, pick your battles. Grin and bear it. Now if she wants do an activity that puts you or your kids in real danger, then you can speak up. Until then, continue on with a smile and make things pleasant. Don't be a divider. Be a Uniter!

Three, don't get hammered. Getting loaded is NOT a good way to deal with things with the mother-in-law! In fact, it may make it much worse. Your decision making is impaired and your true feelings can come out. If relations are strained, alcohol can exacerbate tensions. "Judgment is impaired and we become more reactive when we are under the influence,' says Neil Shah, director of the Stress Management Society. 'We know alcohol is part of Christmas, but balance it by taking plenty of water on board. Coffee is another stimulant that can make you edgy." Taking a walk or just getting out of the house will give you time to settle down and may prevent you from saying something you will later regret.

Four, wear a smile on your face, even if it is hard. Again, is it worth it to get into a fight and ruin the holidays? Just learn to get along and be gracious and friendly. Why? See below

Again, number five, which ties in with all of these: You won't be forced to be with her after the holidays, you will go home with your family, or she will go home to her place. It won't be FOREVA. If she lives with you or you leave with her, May God Bless You because I have no idea what to tell you!

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