Tooth Club For Kids Opens In Phoeniz, Arizona

Tooth Club For Kids Opens In Phoeniz, Arizona

Welcome to Tooth Club for Kids, a top pediatric dentist in Phoenix Arizona led by McKay Garrett, DMD. Our office serves infants, children, teenagers, and those with special needs in Phoenix, Arizona. Children are our passion and we are committed to giving them the best possible experience and care. We offer a safe and fun environment by providing the latest dental technology and gentle care. 

Here at Tooth Club for Kids, our objective is to create a comfortable and fun experience for your children. We offer kid friendly entertainment, nitrous oxide, sedation dentistry, and general anesthesia. We strive to provide a pleasant and anxiety-free experience for all of our patients. Tooth Club for Kids is a great choice when choosing a Pediatric Dentist in Phoenix Arizona.

During your first visit to our office we want to take the time to get acquainted and gather information. We cultivate a relationship with each of our patients, which not only ensures better children’s dental care, but also turns a visit with our doctor and team into a visit between friends. Our staff looks forward to enjoying a long-term relationship with both you and your children.

Dental Cleanings and Hygiene - Dental cleanings are recommended once every six months for all patients of Tooth Club for Kids. Helping your child get into the habit of regular dental visits early in life will set positive dental habits that will extend into adulthood. Regular cleanings help keep gums healthy and cavity-free. Although care at home is also important, professional dental cleanings will help remove plaque build-up that can occur despite the best brushing and flossing methods. Visit Tooth Club for Kids for your Pediatric Dental Cleanings in Phoenix Arizona. During a routine check-up, the teeth of your child will be polished to remove any plaque build-up or tartar. Your child will be given a fun toothpaste flavor and allowed to watch a kid-friendly movie during the entire cleaning process. We will also spend time going over the dietary needs of your child along with daily brushing and flossing routines. We will give tips on how to properly brush and floss and what foods are best to eat.

We can help you and your child with preventative care, restorative care as well as emergencies.

Pediatric Dental Behavior Management - Dr. Garrett is a certified pediatric dentist with many years of experience treating pediatric patients. He is committed to providing dental care to your child in the most compassionate and comfortable way possible. Many children are nervous about going to the dentist for the first time and may have unique dental problems that intensify their worries. These fears can be easily relieved by using routine strategies, but more advanced techniques are sometimes needed to help the child to relax and trust the dentist. Part of pediatric dental training includes early childhood development and childhood psychology. Dr. Garrett is well versed in effective behavioral management techniques. Please feel free to discuss any concerns or behavioral problems with our doctor. We encourage open communication between the doctor, the patient, and the parent.

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We believe kids should get the praise and recognition they deserve for caring for their teeth! That’s why we started the No Cavity Tooth Club. Join us to find out how to win prizes for being cavity free! You can learn more @ Tooth Club For Kids!

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