Trendy Baby And Company Offers Luxury Organic Baby Products At Affordable Prices

Trendy Baby And Company Offers Luxury Organic Baby Products At Affordable Prices Trendy Baby And Company Offers Luxury Organic Baby Products At Affordable Prices Trendy Baby And Company Offers Luxury Organic Baby Products At Affordable Prices

Miami, FL (PRWEB) November 14, 2017 Trendy Baby And Company, a leading on-line retailer for upscale baby products, has announced the creation of a new luxury organic baby store for the U.S marketplace: The company is a small business with few employees, and was created by the owners to not only offer the highest quality organic and adorable baby clothes, but to do so at a price that the average Joe, or more likely Joe’s mama, can afford with their budget. The styles are done extremely well, from the onesie to the baby mittens, to the diaper bag backpack, the swaddle and on and on with many other products.

Just look at the bibs for example: Each set of bibs comes in distinct, bespoke styles. The unisex bibs, which are 100% organic cotton, are natural beige color, and consist of handmade lion, sheep, bear, and giraffe motifs featured prominently in safe, secure packaging.  The various styles offer versatility for any mom seeking high quality baby clothes and accessories.

According to David Johnson, company spokesman for Trendy Baby And Company, the clothing creations were over a year in the making. Johnson states, “The owners wanted the whole process of creating these products to be very collaborative and authentic, to get feedback from health conscious families, those who love and use organic clothing with their kids every day, to find what they truly wanted and did not want in a bib, rather than simply to guess and create something we think consumers may want. This goes along with Trendy Baby And Company’s mission and philosophy to put our customer’s best interests first and foremost into everything we do. To not only create QUALITY, but to do so at great prices. After a painstaking process to create these products, we truly believe that we were able to accomplish this mission with our luxury baby clothes

Some of the issues Trendy Baby addressed are as follows:

Eliminating bunching by having large, more comfortable bibs that measure 7.5 inches at largest opening.
Using 100% organic cotton material front AND back to prevent rash, and any other skin irritation.
Using 2 adjustable, nickel free snaps instead of Velcro, to lengthen durability.
Utilizing thicker cotton to improve absorption, and reduce spills, and minimize trips to the laundry room.
Having cotton that breathes to make the baby more comfortable for longer periods of time.
Making sure that the bibs are machine washable to reduce fading and thus are longer lasting.
Actually reaching out to EVERY customer personally to take care of their needs, and most important, listening.

About Trendy Baby And Company. Trendy Baby is a global company established in 2015 to help better serve the need of consumers worldwide. With each product, the company believes in a different way of doing business, to make things a collaborative process with consumers. What does this mean? Instead of just bringing products to market guessing as to what the consumer wants, the company actively seeks out consumers’ feedback. This collaborative process leads to creating products that have a tangible effect of helping others, which remains at the heart of their philosophy.

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