Mom Hack: Phablet App Turns Kids’ Tablets into Phones

Mom Hack: Phablet App Turns Kids’ Tablets into Phones Mom Hack: Phablet App Turns Kids’ Tablets into Phones

Many moms these days are buying their kids tablets, smart phones, and computers. Now, with the release of the new tablet app, Phablet by Dollar Digits, they can get all the capabilities of many purchases onto one device. 

""Parents purchase tablets to help with kids schooling, homework, and to give them their own device to access the internet. Moms are also finding a new use for their child’s tablet, a replacement for buying their kid a cell phone." says

A Tablet can easily be modified into a computer with the purchase of an attachable keyboard. Now, tablets can also be used as cell phones upon downloading the Phablet app from the Google Play Store. Phablet is a second phone number app used to call, send texts, and picture messages in the same way as any phone would. 

This Mom Hack allows fewer purchases, including buying another expensive smart phone for family plans. Kids are able to use their tablet to call parents to pick them up after school or soccer practice, as well as use it for homework.

Parent Controls

If students begin misusing the app, or a bully, telemarketer, or threat keeps calling the number, it can be deleted with a touch of a button. Parents can also turn off notification settings while their student is in school. The second number phone app for tablets is available in 40 different countries. It’s easy to use, and a kid-friendly option for parents looking to avoid purchasing another smart phone.

How to Get a Calling App for Your Tablet

Open up the Google App store on your Tablet, or visit the Google App store by opening up Google Chrome or other browser. In the search box type in “Dollar Digits Phablet” and you will see the app appear on the screen. Open the app, click download and select a number and purchase a yearlong service option for only $30, about the same price you would pay per month for a smart phone. 

For More Information

For more information about the Dollar Digits app for Tablets visit or follow Dollar Digits on social media. Download the app for the smart option for kids to own a phone. 

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