ReLaunching RaisingThem.Com - A Parenting Blog and Kids Shopping Website, a brand new online social network and e-commerce website designed for parents and their needs has just launched. Let’s face it: having children is not the hardest part ... Raising children, and raising them right, that’s the real challenge. This new service is intended to help parents in this formidable task, by allowing them to read blogs about various parenting concerns and also shop for all their children’s needs.

Moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers, uncle and aunts, babysitters and nannies ... all have one thing in common: they are taking care of children and they will take all the help they can get. Now, with, they will be able to read posts of different parents and get help with everyday raising children concerns. Also, you can shop for the latest fashion trends for your kids.

The service provides many useful features such as:

Parenting blog
Latest fashion trends for kids
Educational and fun toys
...and many more is founded by RoshanBanatwala, a dynamic lady, who is a Social Entrepreneur and Educationalist, very fond of Children and passionate towards helping parents raising them. The service will introduce additional exciting and unique features in the coming times.

The service is now open free to all. Please visit for more information.


RoshanBanatwala, Founder


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