Mom of Teen Daughter Stops Harassing Calls with One Click

Mom of Teen Daughter Stops Harassing Calls with One Click Mom of Teen Daughter Stops Harassing Calls with One Click Mom of Teen Daughter Stops Harassing Calls with One Click

Parents with teenagers and young families can download a second phone number right onto their smart phone with the Dollar Digits App. This app allows each user to select a backup phone number as a substitute to their personal phone number. The second phone number can make calls, send messages, and can also be set up with call forwarding and its own voicemail.

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Keeping Kids Safe

As the Dollar Digits App is now available for download, millions of teens’ personal phone numbers will no longer be at risk. When the number of bullying or harassing calls from an unsafe contact begin flooding their students’ phone, parents can delete the number with a click.  Instead of having to change carriers, pay for a new phone plan, or buy a new cell phone you can simply “burn” or delete the second phone number with a click.

Easy and Simple to Use

The Dollar Digits phone number app is available to any and all users with a smart phone. There are a variety of benefits - besides lower phone bills - that come with a second phone number. Teens new to dating can use the app for safety – keeping their personal phone number safe. Additionally, families who use Uber, Lyft, or AIRBNB can use those services without compromising their personal phone number.

How it Works

Those interested in the second phone number app can go to the app store on their phone and search “Dollar Digits”. The users can click download and begin the process of getting their second phone number. The new user will select a phone number by area code and then choose the service package that best serves their needs. Service packages are available from $1.99 per month pay as you go to $3.99 per month depending on the number of calls and texts the user wishes to make. Once a second phone number is selected, a third or even fourth fake number can also be added by purchasing additional service packages. The user can then set up voicemail, call forwarding, and start calling or receiving calls from contacts.

For More Information

Many Families choose second phone number apps to even replace their landline phones, keeping phone bill costs down. For more information about the Dollar Digits app or how families can use the app visit or follow Dollar Digits on social media. Download the app to experience the safety and security that a second phone number affords.


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