Cute and Stylish Baby Bib By Dil-la Hits The Market On Amazon

August, 2017 - Dil-La proudly announce the launch of their new Baby Drools Bibs on Amazon Store.  Dil-la’s baby bandana bibs for drooling and teething is made of 100% cotton. The bib has an absorbent fleece backing, and adjustable snaps.

Babies make a mess whether they’re newborns or 6 months old. They frequently spit up or drool. Sometimes babies even make a game out of drooling. Babies ruins a lot of outfits because I used the wrong bibs. And their timing couldn’t be worse. They always seemed to ruin their outfits and this can be very frustrating for parents.

“Our super bib allows your beautiful baby drool in style. We believe that effectiveness must come with style and we have been able to achieve that with Dil-La’s baby bandana bibs.”  Says PLEASE ADD A NAME

For more information, visit the Amazon Store

Bibs aren’t only about protecting the clothes – they also protect your baby’s skin. If a baby regularly gets his shirt soaking wet with drool or spit up and he is not changed into a dry shirt frequently, he can get an irritated rash on his chest where the wet clothes were. Not every baby will get rashes, but sensitive skin is common in babies and staying in wet clothes can trigger a monster of a rash.

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