The Great Maritini Named Top Picture Book That Teaches Children To Be Kind

The Great Maritini Named Top Picture Book That Teaches Children To Be Kind

Jedlie Circus Productions, Inc is proud to announce that its recently published Children's Book, "The Great Maritini" by Jedlie, was included in a listing of top pictures books that teach kindnesss to children. The compilation, published on the web site said "The Great Maritini' is fun and adorable. This story shows a wonderful transformation of thoughtfulness into action and of guts into triumphs, a book that encourages kids to be kind and brave."

"The Great Maritini" written by Jedlie and illustrated by Tiffany Doherty, is a fun and touching story about Sam, a lovable but far from perfect magician. He is known throughout the land as the Great Maritini. Despite his many stage mishaps Sam never gives up on himself, and as a result of that grit and resolve he is able to dazzle audiences with his amazing transformations. Sam also has a kind heart and is unable to walk away from anyone in need. He soon discovers that the greatest transformation of all is transforming feelings of caring into action to help another human being. goes on to say that "this book is great because it reminds children that each of us plays a part in keeping our homes neighborhood and school safe, clean and happy. It serves as a great tool for children to start taking responsibility over their actions."

Other reviewers agree and have called The Great Maritini a "fun and well written retelling of the story of the Good Samaritan in a modern and inclusive non religious way,"

"The Great Maritini" was written by Jedlie, a former social worker who presents educational magic assembles that promote respect and kindness at schools throughout the US and Puerto Rico since 1983. (You can find out more about Jedlie's School Assemblies by visiting ) He is also the host of the popular "Reading With Your Kids" podcast. The book is beautifully illustrated by Tiffany Doherty an exceptionally talented young illustrator.

"The Great Maritini" is available in print and as an ebook through this link at amazon

The print edition can also be ordered through this link to the Reading With Your Kids podcast page.

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