Types of Phone Spammers and How to be Safe with Free Phone Numbers

Types of Phone Spammers and How to be Safe with Free Phone Numbers Types of Phone Spammers and How to be Safe with Free Phone NumbersTypes of Phone Spammers and How to be Safe with Free Phone Numbers

We all have received the credit card offer calls, insurance policy seller calls. And, we wondered “how did they get my private phone number?”

“I haven’t shared my number with them.”

Well, even if not with them, you have shared your number at many other domains on the internet.

What happens when data breaches or Cyber Attacks happen in these domains?

Your private phone numbers get compromised. Data sellers, sell this information only for a few dollars to the third party companies making your private phone number vulnerable to such calls.

Landline, smartphones, our emails, whatever information shared gets compromised. However, we can move such emails in the trash without even opening them, but what about the calls, we have to pick up the calls to know who is calling. And, again the annoying telemarketing calls.

These telemarketing agencies are hungry for the data. They just want to pitch us their product via text message and calls whether we want it or not. Even if you say that you are not interested in their product or services, they will still call you again. And, the price drop in the call rates is encouraging them to call even more.

Forget the telemarketers; the real issues are created by the spammers. Fake bank employees who ask your credit card and debit card details, they even pretend to be Police officers asking for ransom otherwise they’ll charge a case against you. These calls are received every day by all those whose information is available online.

The Other Spammers are:

The Dating Sites: They target you by sending you a text message on your phone from an opposite gender’s end. They even know that you are male or female. They indulge the receiver in a conversation to make you set up a meeting or tell you to pay in advance for the meeting. That’s a SPAM!

The Lottery Spam: The messages read “Some XYZ company picked your phone number as a lucky winner, you won $100,000”. That’s too good to be true after knowing you didn’t opt in for any lucky draw at first place.

So, what to do to avoid such circumstances?

Pick up all the calls and if it is spam and shove them in the block list?

Well, there is one-time solution to it and that is getting a free online phone number from Dollar Digits – A Free app for Android as well iOS users to have a free online phone number.

With Dollar Digits, you can have your own free online phone number that you can share online and still protect your privacy. Any annoying telemarketing or spam calls to your Dollar Digits free phone number will never reach your privacy or security.

You can share your Dollar Digits free phone number with anyone online without putting your privacy and security at risk.

What happens when the annoying telemarketers start calling too much on your Dollar Digits free phone number? You switch the number with a few taps in the app. Yes, it is that simple.

For instance: You went to an exhibition and at the gate, they ask for your contact information for their record. You know they’ll call you and text and send you all the details of their next event. They even send you weekly update which is annoying.

What’s The Bigger Risk?

Your contact might be sold to third parties such as dating websites and telemarketers.

But, if you have Dollar Digits free Temporary phone number, you simply give that number to them and next month you just switch to a new Dollar Digit temporary phone number. This way, you don’t receive their messages or calls again and your private number stays private, safe, and only with your family and friends.

·        Dollar Digits allows you to keep a number for as long as you want and change it whenever you want. The process of changing a number is done with a few taps and a few swipes only.

·        You don’t even have to carry another phone for another SIM slot for a Dollar Digits free phone number.

·        Flexible plans with customized SMS and MMS support, voicemail, and call forwarding.

Be connected and safe with Dollar Digits. https://dollardigits.com

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