Clients Can Get 54% Off NimNik’s Ribbon Bow Headbands in Amazon Right Now

Clients Can Get 54% Off NimNik’s Ribbon Bow Headbands in Amazon Right Now Clients Can Get 54% Off NimNik’s Ribbon Bow Headbands in Amazon Right Now

NimNik is placing a sale price offer on their ribbon bow headbands. The 2 piece pack headbands are currently available for about 54% off or only $6.97. This promo comes with free shipping on orders over $25. 

Aside from the large sale offer, NimNik is offering another multi buy promo under their ribbon bow headbands. The company of the husband and wife wanted other mothers to experience and benefit from this boutique quality headband. From their search for an efficient headband, they have come up with three varieties. The ribbon bow, flower bow, and the rabbit bow headbands, all available in 2 pieces set for a single price offer. Right now, NimNik is focused on marketing their ribbon bow headbands in a sale price of 54%. Three other multi buy promotions available which clients can avail depending on the number of items they purchase. For 2 set of orders a 5% is allotted and a 10% if the buyer purchases 3 sets up to 15% to 20% can be availed for 4 to 5 sets of these headbands. 

This ribbon bow headband received an average of 5 stars rating in Amazon’s customer review section. The two pieces set of ribbon bow headbands is composed of two different shade ribbon bow. One is in pink and the other is in purple with white dots. They have lace bands that add elegance on the headband making it a versatile accessory for kid’s ages 0 to 4 years old. 

NimNik Enterprise has covered this ribbon bow headband with a 100% life time warranty to protect every purchase of their customers. They have also placed a 30 days money back guarantee in order to give peace of mind and transaction satisfaction. Their customer service representatives are always available to answer questions and other queries pertaining their products through NimNik’s Amazon store, Instagram page, and Shopify website

About NimNik Enterprise:    

CEO/Sales Manager - Katie Green  
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