Butchie Boyz Pet Supplies Reminds You to Celebrate Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month!

Bronx, New York- 28, June 2017


Butchie Boyz Pet Supplies Reminds You to Celebrate Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month!


Butchie Boyz is an up and coming pet brand founded in late 2016 by husband and wife furparents after losing their beloved Butchie to cancer in 2014. They wanted a way to honor their furbaby while helping other pets around the world. A portion of proceeds will go to the ASPCA and ACF!


The American Veterinarian Medical Association designates the month of July as Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month. Here are some reasons rabbits make excellent pets!


Many people with pet allergies to dogs and cats are able to have rabbits as pets.

Rabbits can easily be litter box trained

Rabbits are great for those people who don't have the time for pets that require activities such as daily walks but still want companionship.

Rabbits have long life spans compared to other small animals with the average being 10 to 12 years.

They make perfect pets for city folk. They don't mind staying in large pens while their furparents are away and then roaming around rooms when their owner is home.

Rabbits make excellent cuddlers! They are soft and love to be pet.

Rabbits could make you healthier. They live a vegetarian lifestyle and could encourage you to start eating healthier or even grow your own garden!

Rabbits have the same schedules as humans. They are most active at dawn and dusk.

Generally bunnies are quiet which is great if you live in an apartment building.

Rabbits have distinct personalities. They can be funny, loving, interactive, charming, amusing, etc.

Bunnies are loyal to their owners. They bond with them. They learn their voice and recognize them by sight. They will come on command too. Many rabbits will follow their owners around like a dog or cat and even jump in their lap.

Last but not least rabbits need homes too! Petfinder.com has many listings at local rescues and shelters!



Butchie Boyz encourages all pet lovers to adopt and not shop. If you decide to adopt grab your new pet one of Butchie Boyz first products; a unique double sided deshedding tool that you can use on your left or right hand. You can proudly use your new pet glove on your own furbaby or donate yours to a local shelter!

Furparents can find their deshedding glove on Amazon.com where they will get free 2-day shipping on orders over Forty Nine dollars.




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