Butchie Boyz Pet Supplies Has Summer Safety Tips For Your Pets!

Queens, New York- 23, June 2017


Butchie Boyz Pet Supplies Has Summer Safety Tips For Your Pets!


Butchie Boyz is an up and coming pet brand founded in late 2016 by husband and wife furparents after losing their beloved Butchie to cancer in 2014. They wanted a way to honor their furbaby while helping other pets around the world. A portion of proceeds will go to the ASPCA and ACF!


We all know the quote “Summer Lovin” but with the sun and heat we have to take precautions not only with ourselves but also with our beloved pets. Here are some excellent tips to keep your furbabies happy and healthy this Summer.

1. Apply sunscreen- you should apply sunscreen on your pet if he or she spends more than just a few minutes per day in the sun during the summer. Pets that are more prone to sunburn and skin cancer are those with light skin and short or thin fur or coat. So which sunscreen should you use? It should be fragrance free, non-staining, and contain both UVA and UVB barriers. To be safe consult your veterinaries and look for those made specifically for pets.

2. Provide plenty of water and shade-dehydration can happen when pets are active and do not drink sufficient water. Signs are dry gums, loss of skin elasticity, and excessive drooling. Provide fresh water indoors and outdoors. Provide plenty of shade and breaks when playing outside.

3. Do not leave pets unattended inside vehicles-this is the same with children as with pets.

4. This can quickly lead to a heat stroke withing just a few minutes. Even on just a sunny 70 degree day your car can heat up to over 100 degrees with minutes. Rule of thumb take your pet with you inside or not at all.

5. Avoid antifreeze-this is a year round concern but cars tend to overheat during the summer and leak antifreeze. Pets find the taste delicious and even in small amounts it is poisonous. Keep your pet in a fenced yard or leashed when going for walks.

6. Keep bugs away safely-Fertilizers and pesticides may help keep a lawn looking great, but they can be very dangerous for your pet. In the areas where your pets play, it's . Talk to your veterinarian about the best ways to protect your pet from fleas, ticks, and other insects that are more prevalent during the summer months. better to keep the grass cut short to reduce the presence of ticks and other insects.

7. Practice water safety- Always keep an eye on your dog if you take them to he beach or pool. They could easily get tangled up in safety ropes. If boating it is vest to get a dogie life preserver.


Butchie Boyz encourages all pet lovers to adopt and not shop. If you decide to adopt grab your new pet one of Butchie Boyz first products; a unique double sided deshedding tool that you can use on your left or right hand. You can proudly use your new pet glove on your own furbaby or donate yours to a local shelter!

Furparents can find their deshedding glove on Amazon.com where they will get free 2-day shipping on orders over Forty Nine dollars.




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