Galaxy Glow in the Dark Stars Celebrates National Meteor Day!

Galaxy Glow in the Dark Stars Celebrates National Meteor Day! Galaxy Glow in the Dark Stars Celebrates National Meteor Day!

Queens, New York- 23 June 2017


Galaxy Glow in the Dark Stars Celebrates National Meteor Day!


Galaxy Glow Stars is a new toy company founded in 2016 by a husband and wife duo. They both loved the simple vintage glow in the dark stars they enjoyed as children but wanted to add a little bit of astronomy to the mix. They added a visually stimulating constellation guide that is an excellent way to introduce astronomy and science to kids of all ages. Parents can use weekly sky events along with their glow in the dark stars as learning activities for the Summer break!


June 30th is National Meteor Day or also know as Meteor Watch Day. It is observed annually on this day. If the weather is permitting thousands of people turn to the night sky in hopes of seeing a meteor.

Daily there are millions of meteors that occur in the Earth's atmosphere. When space debris, such as pieces of rock, enter the earth’s atmosphere the friction causes the surrounding air to become scorching hot. This “shooting star” streaking through the sky surrounded by flaming hot air is a meteor. The majority of the meteoroids that cause meteors are only the size of a pebble. Meteors sometimes occur in showers.


How to celebrate? Here are some ideas:


Host a Meteor viewing party-this year the holiday falls on a Friday night!

Invite friends and family

Have children map the constellations

Bring blankets, lawn chairs, hammocks, pillows, sleeping bags or beach towels

Encourage people to bring binoculars or telescopes

Set up a tent or have a location for gathering in case of rain

Build a fire

Decorate your patio, tent, or outdoor area with glow in the dark stars, outdoor string lights, and star garlands

Make themed snacks and drinks that are kid and adult friendly such as: s'mores, brownies with star toppers, star shaped pigs-in-a-blanket, and sparkling wine with star shaped limes or lemons as garnish for the adults

Live stream the show from NASA so everyone will know exactly what they are seeing



Galaxy glow in the dark stars come in a cute little box and has a perfect price point that hits below fifteen dollars. Normally it is priced between $17.99 to $24.99. It includes a constellation guide and storage bag for the stars. Parents and teachers can use sky events as learning activities at home or in the classroom. This makes Galaxy Glow in the Dark Stars a perfect educational and fun gift for a birthday or to use for learning. These glow in the dark stars also make an excellent bedroom décor idea!

Use the glow in the dark stars and their accompanying constellation guide at your meteor viewing party.

Star lovers can find their glow in the dark stars on where they will get free 2-day shipping on orders over Forty Nine dollars.

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