Meriden, CT – June 13, 2017: Joseph Yencho of RCKSinks has introduced an intriguing new sink that is about the change the world of kitchen design. This new sink is simply known as the Reality Design sink. The sink was produced off of nearly twenty years of experience in the kitchen design and build industry.

The design of the sink is in a square pattern. It has a drying area around its body as well. This area is sunken downward and drains properly even when it is fully loaded. The rack surface is carefully integrated into the square space. This ensures that the risk of clutter on the countertop is reduced.

Yencho designed the Reality Design sink as an option that resolves the issue that comes with sinks having bulky drying areas. By making this part a little more integrated, it can easily collect dishes and drain them out as needed.

The overall goal of the sink is to create a more livable and useful design for it. This comes as there are often concerns to Yencho about how sinks are made. These include issues where a sink is not fully integrated well into space. By using a special sunken design that is more streamlined and integrated, it will be easier for people to manage dishes and handle standard cleaning processes with this sink.

This is especially important for people aiming to get their kitchens to look better and more streamlined. Yencho was especially inspired by how even as people spend tens of thousands of dollars to get their kitchens to look their best, and there are still plenty of problems abound in terms of how such spaces have sinks that don't stand out well.

The design is specially made to make it easier for people to manage a number of cleanup functions. This can always do well for making it easier for people to manage a variety of cleaning needs that people have.

Joseph Yencho and RCKSinks are expected to release the sink to a larger audience over time. This is especially for those aiming to get more out of their sinks and to manage a variety of cleaning functions without many added problems.

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