NimNik’s Baby Wrap Carrier Sling Has Many Other Uses

NimNik’s Baby Wrap Carrier Sling Has Many Other Uses NimNik’s Baby Wrap Carrier Sling Has Many Other Uses NimNik’s Baby Wrap Carrier Sling Has Many Other Uses

NimNik Enterprise is creating a buzz in the market by providing a baby wrap carrier sling that can be used for other purposes. Aside from being a secure and safe carrier sling, it can also be a nursing cover and a postpartum belt. NimNik is having the item right now at a 42% sale price. 

The online store company is glad to share to the market the benefits that their baby carrier wrap sling has provided to mothers and child. This carrier sling can hold babies even at their preemies. Because of its soft and comfortable stretchable cloth, parents can be assured no skin irritation can be caused by the sling. Carrying babies can strengthen the bond between the mother and the baby. As the mother carries the baby with the possibility of touching the baby often it releases great levels of Oxytocin or the “Love Hormone”. More of this Oxytocin would mean the better development of attachment and bond of the mother and child. Other than that, as the baby is being carried by the mother the baby is exposed to the activities and experiences of the mother. This way, babies can develop enhanced visual and auditory capabilities. A mother who has rated the baby carrier sling wrap with a 5 star said that “My newborn and I love the NimNik Premium Baby Wrap. My newborn prefers to be held constantly and this wrap makes it possible to get this done while giving her the attention she needs. I also love when that they give you instructions on the various position you can put your baby in and how to actually do them.”

NimNik’s baby carrier wrap sling package is composed of the item itself, photo-filled instructional booklet, Safety & Benefits brochure, and warranty registration card. For more details about this versatile baby carrier wrap sling by NimNik Enterprise visit them at their storefront, Facebook page, and company website

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