Butchie Boyz Pet Supplies Has 15 Ways To Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day!

Biloxi, Mississippi- 1, June 2017


Butchie Boyz Pet Supplies Has 15 Ways To Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day!


June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day. It is observed annually on this date. Butchie Boyz has some tips on how to observe the holiday:


1. Take the day off to stay in bed with your cat and have a cat nap together.

2. Visit a shelter and spend the day hugging kitties that need attention.

3. a cat in need. If you can adopt a senior or special needs cat. They have less of a chance of finding a furever home as do black cats. People tend to gravitate to kitties of color so help those less fortunate ones.

4. If you can't adopt become a foster parent.

5. Catify your space. Add access to points up high and spaces your kitty can call their own.

6. Build a DIY Catio. Your cat will love experiencing the outdoors and you won't have to worry about the dangers.

7. Donate to a cat rescue.

8. Try feline music. There is music specially composed for feline enjoyment

9. Build a box maze for your cat.

10. Build some DIY cat toys that provide stimulation and exercise.

11. Share a fishy meal together. Get your cat some fishy treats and dine together.

12. Sprinkle some catnip on their favorite bed, blankie or perch.

13. Make your cat a DIY cat bed. There are so many ideas. Suitcases, old t.v.'s, doll beds and more!

14. Leash train your cat.

15. Get your cat a kitty garden to ensure they get their nutrients and also have fun attacking your plants!


Butchie Boyz is an up and coming pet brand founded in late 2016 by husband and wife furparents after losing their beloved Butchie to cancer in 2014. They wanted a way to honor their furbaby while helping other pets around the world. A portion of proceeds will go to the ASPCA and ACF!


Butchie Boyz encourages all pet lovers to adopt and not shop. If you decide to adopt grab your new pet one Butchie Boyz first products; a unique double sided deshedding tool that you can use on your left or right hand. You can proudly use your new pet glove on your own furbaby or donate yours to a local shelter!

Furparents can find their deshedding glove on Amazon.com where they will get free 2-day shipping on orders over Forty Nine dollars.




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