Children Lack Focus! Yes Baby to Bring it Back With a Spin!

Children Lack Focus! Yes Baby to Bring it Back With a Spin! Children Lack Focus! Yes Baby to Bring it Back With a Spin!

17th of May, New York - There is absolutely nothing new in admitting that children thoroughly lack concentration and focus in class and sometimes, the need to fidget might even become a problem that can disturb the classes and ruin the educational experience for everyone in the process.

 Teachers have tried everything from detention to ignorance and nothing seemed to work as much as the fidget spinner toy. At the beginning of the year, the trend exploded and more and more children started investing in the spinning device that takes long minutes until it comes to a full stop.

Patricia Burke, a sixth grade teacher in Bedford has admitted that she thought she was a lost cause when she realized there was no potential way she could have calmed her students down and make them focus more on their material rather than any other kind of distractions. When the fidget spinner started spreading throughout the school, the teacher noticed an increase in silent moments in class and more and more students were able to pay more attention and understand the lesson easier.

While these stress toys for adults spins, children basically burn unnecessary energy and it gives them a way to channel it without bothering anyone in the vicinity. The concept is simple, by giving the children the change to fidget with this toy, they ignore any other urges to stand up, talk or do anything else in particular.

Yes Baby, a fairly new company came with the idea to produce and distribute these items to facilitate the process of learning and to support the teachers in their endeavors against agitated children.

About the Product

Small, light and smooth spinning, this ABS-molded plastic includes 4 different bearings. Three of them are made of high quality stainless steel and the central one, which ensures a soft, silent spin is made of hybrid ceramic. They are all wrapped tightly with a rubber band which ensures they don’t slide out nor make any noise while it’s being fiddled with.

About the Company

Yes Baby is a company that was launched last year in the USA and it currently distributes and produces all their products to be sold on Amazon, hoping that they will spread their products in all corners of the world in the process.

Professionals and trustworthy, they offer honest transactions for great quality, a trade they believe to be fair!

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