Ilaya offers Surrogacy Services to Help Couples Realize their Dreams of Becoming Parents

Ilaya offers Surrogacy Services to Help Couples Realize their Dreams of Becoming Parents

ilaya was established over five years ago to assist couples to fulfill their wish of becoming parents. After being on the field for long, the company has gained an excellent reputation, with their services appreciated by thousands of clients across the world. ilaya has a friendly team of highly qualified professionals who take the time to understand each patient, providing an accurate diagnosis, effective care and preventive measures that match their specifications. The center enjoys being amongst the leaders in the field, thanks to their innovative medical technologies, expert team and affordable services.

Elaborating on why they are a center of medical excellence, the Head Doctor at ilaya explained, “We boast of having a full team of focused and dedicated specialists who work tirelessly to ensure all our patients receive befitting care. Our team consists of proctologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic traumatologists, phlebologists, endoscopists, biologists, psychologists, dermatologists, sexologists, cardiologists, immunologists, andrologists, urologists, general practitioners, gynecologists, embryologists, gastroenterologists, anesthesiologists, reproductologists and more. You can get treatment for spinal hernias, a non-invasive stem-cell treatment, which relies on injection, not surgery, providing a six-month recovery time.”

Ilaya has joined efforts with a top clinic to offer a service to surrogate mothers in the US, who may not be able to utilize the center’s service because of legislation. California State laws allow for commercial surrogacy, where the courts determine the child’s legal parents before birth, and also ensure that the names of both parents appear on the birth certificate. Since ilaya doesn’t take any biological components from the surrogate, she won’t have any parental rights over the baby after it’s born. Furthermore, California law doesn’t limit a person from consenting to surrogacy based on their sexual orientation or marital status.

Speaking about their surrogacy arrangement for those looking for surrogate mother in USA  at half the cost, the Center’s Spokesman explained, “Since it’s collaboration between two clinics, we are capable of providing the surrogacy program at half the cost of most traditional arrangements in the US. Though it’s performed on a cross-border basis, we still make sure that the care and quality we offer is top notch. Throughout the pregnancy, we are entirely responsible for our surrogate moms in the USA; we provide all medical care from prenatal to postnatal care. We also cover the living and accommodation expenses during pregnancy.”

Ilaya offers a service providing surrogacy in Ukraine, where the parents to give the egg and sperm, and IVF is done to impregnate the surrogate. Ilaya stocks an extensive donor bank of male sperms and female oocytes should one they be required in the process. According to the Ukrainian law, the rightful parents of the baby are proven by DNA only, and so either or both intended parents will be cited as parents legally. However, the two must be married to assume dual parental rights. Couples looking for surrogate mothers in Ukraine will love what the center has to offer.

About ilaya

Ilaya provides comprehensive programs based on the latest innovative methods and customized care. Their services include multilingual staff, excellent facilities, travel and accommodation planned, personal manager assigned to every couple, preliminary consultancy and more.

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