Time to De-stress! Yes Baby to Launch the Fidget Spinner Toy for Adults!

Time to De-stress! Yes Baby to Launch the Fidget Spinner Toy for Adults! Time to De-stress! Yes Baby to Launch the Fidget Spinner Toy for Adults!

9th of May, New York - Long gone are the days filled with crippling stress that seem to last longer than any other normal ones. The Yes Baby small business recently just launched their brand new fidget spinner toy, a weapon to help in the fight against stress and complete boredom!

Ideal for both children and adults as well, this small fidget is helpful when dealing with conditions such as ADHD and ADD, having the possibility to increase focus and decreasing the anxiety attacks that might consequently incur.

The way these stress toys for adults work is simple as a concept, yet complicated as a technique. By keeping the brain busy while focusing on the spinning cycle of the toy, the brain simply forgets to act the way it does, and people subconsciously become more focused and calm as well.

Mia I., the owner of Yes Baby is passionate about offering quality products for the customers interested in purchasing their devices from their Amazon shop and because of this, as a means of saying thank you for their continuous support; she decided to launch the fidget spinner.


About the Product

The Fidget Spinner Toy by Yes Baby is a brand new product, launched this month on the market and which promises to bring nothing less than great quality accompanied by ideal solutions for their customers.

A lot of effort has been placed into launching a product that follows the quality standards all products should aim for. After analyzing the market carefully, the staff at Yes Baby decided to opt for hybrid ceramic bearings for a smooth, quick spin for the central bearing and stainless steel balls for the side bearings. The bearings are nicely encased in a molded ABS frame. For complete protection, the bearings are encased together with a rubber shield which ensures they do not slide out while the item is being spun.

The device also makes for a great present for everyone who might be in need of a spinner toy! It comes packed in a lovely, elegant velvet pouch which allows the spinner to be placed inside it and carry it easily. The pouch comes delivered in a deluxe gift box which makes the item a great gift!


About the Company

Yes Baby is a fairly new company launched at the beginning of 2016 in the USA and they are currently distributing their products on the ecommerce market Amazon.

Mia I believes that her products will change the way people will see quality and that her products will manage to satisfy all of them, no matter the circumstance. Investing on only great quality materials, the customer support team at Yes Baby is one of the most stable, organized ones across the ecommerce platform Amazon, offering nothing less than complete satisfaction for their loyal customers.

For further information, please visit http://www.theyesbaby.com/ or use the contact details listed below:

Contact name: Mia. I

E-mail address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.theyesbaby.com/

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