San Clemente Summer Camp Education Advocates Recommend The Best Ways to Reinforce Science in New Parenting Report

San Clemente Summer Camp Education Advocates Recommend The Best Ways to Reinforce Science in New Parenting Report

–With the number of vacancies in the science industry growing each year, parents and educators are seeking new ways to engage children and build their interest in the sciences. The Boys and Girls Club of the South Coast Area recently released a report that highlights the essential reasons why parents have to incorporate more science-based activities into their home. To view to report, click here and see below:

The Best Ways to Reinforce Science in Parenting

Educational specialists and advocates alike agree that current strategies to expand STEAM in the classroom may be falling short of its intended goal of increasing students’ interest in science-based fields.

The Boys and Girls Club of the South Coast Area San Clemente summer camp professionals assert that STEAM-infused after-school and summer programs can play in making science exciting and relevant for students. The parenting guide recommends three key strategies they can use at home to spark a science interest with their children.

1.)    Plan for science experiments. Many school districts have eliminated hands-on science projects and experiments, limiting a child’s exposure to science to solely lectures or complex text readings. Parents can use engaging science experiments at home to bring what their child is learning in school to life. The comprehensive parenting guide describes simple science activities parents can do with common household items that do not require an extensive understanding of science principles. The summer camp San Clemente experts encourage parents to also research key science vocabulary related to the activities they do at home to introduce or reinforce the important concepts that their child may need to remember.

2.)    Mix science learning with physical activity. Science or any subject does not have to be relegated to long periods of sitting down. Taking learning outside or infusing it with physical activity is a great way to keep children engaged in what they are learning. The report also cites studies that have shown higher rates of retention when students are physically active.

San Clemente programs Summer Camp this summer are offering a much-needed combination of STEAM-inspired and physical activities for children of all ages. Run by the award-winning Boys and Girls Club, The Brain Gain STEAM Summer Camp provides young campers with a wide range of problem-solving and innovative activities, all summer long. To enroll in this highly-sought-after program and to view the interactive and hands-on learning experiences planned for Summer 2017, click here.

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