Ilaya International Group is Offering In-Vitro Treatment in Valencia

Ilaya International Group is Offering In-Vitro Treatment in Valencia

Based out Valencia, Ilaya International Group is a group of genetic specialists that was founded in 2011 to help couples realize their dreams of becoming parents. The Group is renowned for its excellent reputation, and the services offered are highly valued worldwide. Ilaya has a team of dedicated specialists that are always in pursuit of medical excellence. They provide personalized services for each patient, precise diagnosis, effective treatment and preventative measures. Ilaya specializes in innovative medical technologies and also carries out extensive research in cell technology.

Elaborating more on bio-insurance, the Group's Lead said, "Ilaya's success has resulted in the introduction of bio-insurance. Bio-insurance is the ability to store stem cell materials. These cell materials are used to regenerate human tissue after trauma cases, burns or injuries. Another application of bio-insurance is for cosmetic use to prevent skin aging. Bio-insurance gives clients the opportunity to help slow down the aging process by storing one's stem cell material. It also allows you to create a reserve of your young stem cells, which you can use throughout your lifetime.”

Patients looking for the cost of IVF treatment  can have a look at Ilaya’s competitive pricing. They offer in-depth programs at competitive prices. They also offer a full range of assisted reproductive techniques such as male/female donor and surrogacy programs, storage of fertilized embryos, and male and female bio-materials. For clients choosing a clinic for IVF treatment, it’s advantageous for them to consider the range of services offered for the quoted costs by Ilaya.

Speaking about their surrogacy program, the Head Scientist said, "Ilaya provides a service offering gestational surrogacy in Ukraine where potential parents provide an egg or sperm and IVF is carried out to impregnate the surrogate. During the surrogacy program, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is undertaken. Comprehensive tests are done to ensure that potential surrogates are in good physical and mental health, have had a child before and are under 35 years of age. Ilaya takes full responsibility when it comes to the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine  in case one is still unable to conceive after the treatment. These costs are deducted from their surrogacy program costs if the client decides to use the program."

Ilaya International Group prides itself on offering the best possible care such as personal services, where a personal manager gets assigned to each patient with highly qualified and experienced staff always available to cater to client needs. They have excellent facilities with clinics and laboratories fitted with modern diagnostic state-of-the-art equipment. Ilaya also has its own Cryobank for the safe storage of embryos and other bio-materials. Customers get offered a personal payment plan where individual payment plans get designed to suit different treatments.

About Ilaya International Group

Ilaya is a group of highly specialized scientists that provide a full range of professional, personalized services to couples seeking IVF treatment. Ilaya consists of a team of orthopedic traumatologists, proctologists, plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, urologists, etc. and is renowned for its excellent reputation worldwide.

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