Hypnotherapy Adelaide Experts Shed Light On Pain Experienced While Sleeping

Hypnotherapy Adelaide Experts Shed Light On Pain Experienced While Sleeping

March 25, 2017 – We have the tendency to explore pain and the impact it has on our sleeping patterns – and what we can do to get better sleep every night. Pain can be a challenging problem that can be difficult to remedy. There can be a ton of causes of long-term pain, including conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.


Concerns such as this one require medical intervention and a pain management treatment plan. However, for the most part, complementary approaches such as hypnotherapy Adelaide form part of this plan. It's only a matter of talking it out with a professional hypnotherapist if you want to relieve pain through hypnosis.

Sometimes, a wide variety of different approaches are needed to help lessen the pain experienced during sleep, improve your independence and help you cope with the emotional implications. Commonly, people who experience pain in their sleep find that slumber is one of the most impacted aspects of their lives.

Ironically, a lack of sleep can result in feeling more pain, which contributes to the unhealthy cycle. However, it’s important to understand that pain is a mental process. Once you get a hold of this, you can take steps to learn how to use your mental capabilities to deal with the problem.


What is Pain?

If you've been experiencing pain for more than three months, it’s classified as chronic or lingering pain. This type of pain is common and can be caused by a myriad of conditions like arthritis. After three to six months, the body has usually healed as well as can be expected.


What Is Going On If You're Still In Pain?

The answer lies in your nervous system. The lingering pain that's still being produced is less about the injuries within the body and more about the sensitivity of the nervous system.


Why Does The Nervous System Act In This Manner?

Chronic pain is triggered when the nerves holding the unpleasant and unhelpful information become irritated and continue to react even when the issue which caused the pain in the first place has healed. It's as if the pain system stays on for a long time.

A better way to understand this is to use the analogy of a burglar alarm. Lights start to flash and loud sounds are emitted from the alarm when tries to break into your house. This grabs your attention so that you can react to it – and a good thing as well. However, alarms are frustrating, irritating and annoying when they go off for the wrong reasons.

In chronic pain, the pain-sensing nerves are sending off the same “threat” chemicals as if there was an instant threat of danger or injury when there's actually nothing.  This pattern keeps repeating over and over again, and your system starts to notice anything that makes it react like lack of sleep, over-activity, under-activity, your mood, and stress levels.


That Doesn't Mean You Just Have To Accept The Pain

Hypnotherapy Adelaide experts state that there are things that you can do. The best method you can take to tackle chronic pain is to learn how we can affect our pain systems ourselves,  by what we do.

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