Heads Up for Moms: New Study Links OTC Lice Treatments to ADHD in Boys

Heads Up for Moms: New Study Links OTC Lice Treatments to ADHD in Boys

<strong>New All Natural Product Kills Super Lice – Inventory Running Low, Says Lice Expert Pam Skinner</strong></p>

<strong>HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - March 5, 2017</strong></p>

"Ever since the article came out on Yahoo, we can't keep our SuperLice Solution Shampoo in stock. We have two different scents, and last week, we ran out of both!" reports lice expert Pam Skinner. "We already knew that lice have become resistant to pyrethroids (the active ingredient in drug store brand lice shampoos). On busy days, we will see over 30 - 40 people a day in my lice removal salon. About 30% of the people we treat have already treated with an OTC lice shampoo, and they still have a lot of lice and eggs."

Skinner says that the shocking thing was that there was actual evidence (reported in Occupational & Environmental Medicine, March 2017) of a correlation between exposure to pyrethroids and ADHD, especially in boys. "No need to panic, just something to be aware of, and maybe consider non-toxic alternatives." Skinner created an all-natural lice killing shampoo called SuperLice Solution ($35 for 8 oz. bottle, available at online store). "It's called Apple Attack and we believe it is the world's best lice shampoo. Our goal is to give busy moms peace of mind when it comes to a lice outbreak."

Her shampoo is enzyme-based, derived from natural sources like corn and yeast. "We use the same enzyme (protease) that adult bugs kick out in order to molt. Protease acts like a zipper and unzips (dissolves) their shell. Lice can never become resistant or immune to our shampoo, otherwise they couldn't molt. It's using their own biology against them. We are scrambling to keep it in stock!" says Skinner.

For more information on natural and effective lice treatment and tutorial videos, visit: http://www.LiceFreeKids.com. Use promo code "apple" for free shipping on one bottle of Apple Attack Lice Treatment Shampoo (expires 3/31/17).



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