Prenatal And Post Natal Massage Home Services for Singapore Local and Expats

Prenatal And Post Natal Massage Home Services for Singapore Local and Expats

Singapore – Confinement NannySOS, a Singapore-based full-service confinement nanny agency providing confinement nanny, babysitters, prenatal, and post natal care services that range from yoga and swimming to a variety of massage treatments, continues to distinguish itself as the leading company overseeing highly-trained and effective prenatal and post natal massage for all clients.

Borne from a passion for providing relaxed relief to mother’s bodies both before and after they endure body-altering childbirth, Confinement NannySOS administers professional massage regiments by therapists with at least 3-years of experience relaxing the affected childbirth muscles.

“Childbirth and child-bearing is no easy task on the female body, which is why we aim to alleviate some of that pain and stress through relaxed massage services,” said Mr Tan, Founder and Owner of Confinement NannySOS Pte Ltd. “By utilizing our services, mothers will experience relaxed muscle tension, alleviation of neck, shoulder, and pack pains, reduced physical and mental stress, and cleared ducts with improved breast feeding.”

Confinement NannySOS’s prenatal massage is proven to be beneficial for the delivery process in pregnant women. The massaging process is designed to allow mothers to deliver the baby with easy through relaxed muscles. Confinement NannySOS’s services will ease the muscle tensions and pressures that pregnant women generate at the lower portion of the body due to the weight of the baby.

For new mothers, after enduring childbirth, Confinement NannySOS has a completely different massage service specifically designed to help the body recover. The post natal massage is designed to flush out “dirty” blood, improve blood circulation, improve hormone regulation and postnatal depression, reduce swelling and aid in tummy recovery, promote better sleeping habits, and even help shrink the uterus back to its original size.

“Our therapists are trained in the completely different approaches to both prenatal and postnatal massage, ensuring the body is completely relaxed and prepared for its next step,” said Mr Tan. “We want to promote comfort in all of our patients, which is why we offer an expansive amount of confinement services here. Spread the word on the availability of our prenatal and post natal massages, and head on over to our website to learn more about their invaluable benefits for mothers-to-be and newfound moms.”

Confinement NannySOS is a registered and approved agency by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The agency provides confinement nanny services to help mothers with full recovery after childbirth while taking good care of the babies. Their team of nannies and babysitters are based out of Singapore and Malaysia. They have proudly been in business since 2011, and look forward to many more years serving surrounding families.

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