100% Organic Trendy Baby Bandana Bib Celebrates 75 Reviews on Amazon

100% Organic Trendy Baby Bandana Bib Celebrates 75 Reviews on Amazon 100% Organic Trendy Baby Bandana Bib Celebrates 75 Reviews on Amazon

Miami, FL,February 23, 2017 Goods Alliance, the creator of the upscale 100% GOTS Certified Organic Trendy Baby Bandana Drool Bib, has announced that they have reached an important milestone on Amazon.com- 75 reviews.

The vast majority of reviews have been extremely position, with the dribble bibs being rated 4.5 stars. A customer states "We were looking for a nice set of bandana drool bibs for our baby girl, who is constantly teething and drooling. After many disastrous results with other types of baby bibs, we finally have found a go to bib we can live with every day that makes things much more copacetic with our infant. These Trendy Baby bandana bibs are super absorbent, sopping up our babies frequent messes with feeding and spit up. My wife and I aren’t constantly having to wash clothes, which is great. The 100% cotton is also a very nice touch. We found they are delightful with no rash. The adjustable snaps are great. They fit our toddler perfectly and they are reversible. Each snap is made of sturdy plastic, not nickel or Velcro. Machine washing using the cold cycle was a breeze. Last, but certainly, not least, these bibs were absolutely adorable." Another reviewer enthusiastically says "My husband and I always thoroughly check reviews to make sure we are making the right choice. We check the bad ones more than the good ones, like many other people. We tend to see them as more honest and more accurate, but sometimes they are not…. With these, we were struck by the common theme of the few negative reviews and the comments that seemed to have indicated that the purchasers had not even read the listing or viewed the images, but felt the need to spread information that is not correct. Any customer should know about this. We were able to find Trendy Baby’s actual document showing the GOTS certification in the images. We adore these bibs and so do our friends. We have found them to be very soft and comfy for our little ones. Many opinions may be like ours, others may not be, but I would encourage anyone considering any product to thoroughly read the entirety of the listing, so that they may be empowered with 100% accurate information before purchase."

 Goods Alliance's Trendy Baby Bandana Drool Bib is available exclusively on Amazon.com. There are unisex styles and a style for little baby girl's as well.

About Goods Alliance. Goods Alliance is a global company established in 2015 to help better serve the need of consumers worldwide. The company maintains an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest. With each product, the company believes in a different way of doing business, to make things a collaborative process with consumers. What does this mean? Instead of just bringing products to market guessing as to what the consumer wants, the company actively seeks out consumers’ feedback. This collaborative process leads to creating products that have a tangible effect of helping others, which remains at the heart of their philosophy.


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