May 18, 2016

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    Facing divorce and need to sell the house? Get it done right now

Piscataway, NJ, May 18, 2016–: According to NJ divorce attorney Bari Z. Weinberger, “Financial trouble is a key cause of divorce for my clients. It can be that a couple isn’t on the same page financially, meaning one is a spender and the other a saver – and they come to resent each other because of it. Often, income instability drives one or both spouses to a state of stress and heightened arguments.  Ideally, couples should openly discuss their finances before marrying – but not all people get around to doing so. If you’re already married, financial planners can help couples to get on the same page by mapping out both their immediate and future savings and retirement goals."

More and more families are crumbling under the financial pressure associated with the NJ housing crisis. Couples planning to get married are wondering why we buy houses? NJ has been one of the main epicenters of the recent economic down turn. There is a company on the horizon whose main goal is to help turn the housing market in NJ around, one homeowner at a time.

Dealing with divorce is hard enough. Avoid the struggle of trying to figure out reasons why anyone else would say: “we buy houses”.  NJ has Mrs. Eltemawi ready and able to roll up her sleeves and iron out the details for you. We Buy Houses NJ, LLC is motivated to buy houses all around NJ because cash in the homeowners pocket is always better than feeling forced to foreclose, jeopardizing the immediate future of your credit. We Buy Houses NJ, LLC helps people remember the importance of why Pamela always says: “we buy houses NJ”. The Greater NJ Area can remember what it is like to have a thriving economy and stable housing market.  Economic improvements will surface when more homes are sold at a fair price and fewer homeowners are being strong armed into foreclosure.

Foreclosure is most often not the best option.  Remember the motto “We buy houses”. NJ business owner and NJ real estate expert, Pamela Eltemawi and his team at We Buy Houses NJ, LLC care about the individual and how your circumstance will affect your entire family.  Hassling with divorce lawyers and bottom line bank lenders cause many to lose faith in humanity. It is a welcome benefit to have a company in NJ that is able to sell homes to real estate investors for cash, quickly and conveniently.

For more information about how you can benefit by working with the team at We Buy Houses NJ, LLC, contact Pamela at (908) 912-6701 or check us out at www.webuynjpropertycash.com.

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