Moms Delivered Perfect Stroller Organizer For UppaBaby Vista Stroller

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Moms Delivered Perfect Stroller Organizer For UppaBaby Vista Stroller

The UppaBaby Vista Stroller has been described on BabyGearLab as quality, fantastic for city strolling, functional, easy-to-use, and good maneuverability, though on the negative side there's no baby tray, but a problem that some parents have now discovered a solution for.

The UppaBaby Vista just recently got an Editors' Choice Award, receiving high scores in for ease-of-use, maneuverability, and quality. The report says... "It will grow with baby from newborn to 5 years and changes easily with a unique design that allows fast shifting from bassinet to infant seat with no material switching. Furthermore, it can accommodate an expanding family with the ability to add a 2nd, rumble seat. Eco-healthy materials of natural cotton and soybean blends are included into the bassinet, with the sun canopy providing UPF 50+ security for babies."

A list of benefits and drawbacks are also provided in the testimonial, and on the silver lining, it has a reversible seat, a SPF 50+ sunshade, a folded stand, and has exceptional maneuverability for a smooth walk. Negative aspects found include that it's rather heavy, there's no moms and dad or child tray, it's large and tough to recline, it has a fixed handlebar, and taller children may grow out of the seat height at an early age.

Parents on Amazon though have left a number of item reviews stating that the Freddie and Sebbie baby stroller organizer is the perfect fit for a UppaBaby Vista Stroller, with the problem of needing more area storage being solved. On December 15, 2014, one Amazon customer stated... "I bought both the Freddie and Sebbie and ZenKids stroller organizers at the same time in order to compare the 2, as they both looked identical online. It was simple to see as soon as I received them that the Freddie and Sebbie one was constructed of better material. I have the UppaBaby Vista stroller and I have the ability to use both this organizer together with the UppaBaby organizer that I bought previously, just due to the fact that I do not want to toss it considering that it was costly, however it truly is very worthless. Extremely delighted with the Freddie and Sebbie stroller organizer, and I'll be using it at Disneyland tomorrow!"

Laura D. Nowadly from Chicago states in another Amazon confirmed client review... "This is an excellent organizer, with a lot of pockets and area, and I utilize it on my UB Vista. I did have the UppaBaby organizer, but it didn't have adequate area, and in addition I wanted 2 cup holders. My only grievance is that it makes the stroller a bit more difficult to collapse, though an issue that probably won't affect the majority of strollers, but something to remember if you use the Vista. The organizer itself is fantastic, and I would absolutely recommend it to other mamas."

Lastly mother Jomama concurs, stating... "This is the best stroller organizer I've found. We have an UB Vista and as Vista owners know, the UB stroller organizer is horrible. After that, I tried the Diono, Skip Hop and Britax organizers, and I love how streamlined the Skip Hop one looks, however it's performance is nothing to write home about. The Britax one is okay, but the quality and structure of the Freddie and Sebbie stroller organizer far exceeds it."

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