Grandmother and Toddler Attacked By Rescue Dog

Grandmother and Toddler Attacked By Rescue Dog

A woman and her small grandson were unloading from their vehicle when they were both viciously attacked by a dog that they had rescued from the street.


The toddler, whose first name is Maddox, was not even two years old at the time of the incident. He was being taken out of the car by his grandmother when the dog unexpectedly began his attack. The grandmother was bit on her right leg, along with both arms. Baby Maddox was also injured, although the extent of his harm was not publicized.


The dog was found to be an unneutered male and a mix of Bulldog and Great Dane breeds. It just so happens that the director of the Mississippi Animal Rescue League, Debra Boswell, states that dogs that are both male and unneutered are responsible for around eighty percent of dog bite cases that she hears about.


Unfortunately, Maddox and his grandmother are only two of the millions of dog attacks that happen to humans every year. Like their case, these bites are often from familiar dogs. Many of them, especially involving small children, are even fatal.


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