Drunk Driver Hits Pedestrian Mother and Children

Drunk Driver Hits Pedestrian Mother and Children

A few months ago, a man from Indiana was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol after hitting a pregnant woman and her two small children, all of whom were pedestrians. This was the second charge that this man faced for drinking and driving in 2014.


The victims were crossing the street when the drunk driver ran a red light and struck all three of them with his S.U.V.  A witness confirms there was also a female passenger in the driver’s vehicle and that he did, in fact, pull over after the accident occurred. 


The two children involved were ages six and three. Although no further information was reported on their condition, they are expected to survive without suffering severe harm.


Their mother, six months pregnant at the time of the incident, was taken to a local hospital where she gave birth to her new child prematurely. Both the mother and child are in good health, although the woman did have some minor injuries.


Both drunk driving accidents and pedestrian accidents are unfortunate events that occur all too often in the state of Indiana, especially in Indianapolis where the traffic fatality rate lies roughly around 60-80 deaths per year.


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