More US Unemployed Faced With A Turkey Picnic For Christmas Lunch

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More US Unemployed Faced With A Turkey Picnic For Christmas Lunch

With an additional increase in the current US out of work figures with the number of people seeking US unemployment benefits passing the 300,000 figure for the first time since September, more Americans are left questioning how they are going to add some cheer to Christmas this year.

The most recent US unemployed figures that have just been published by the Labor Department show a 21,000 increase in regular applications, which when seasonally adjusted amounts to 313,000, the greatest level since the beginning of September. The overall number of Americans without jobs though is fairly worrying with nearly 9 million Americans officially unemployed, that's according to official figures.

Forbes just recently released other data that suggested that the genuine figure shows that the US has nearly 10 million employees who are without or practically with no kind of employment. CNBC have released their own figures stating that in October there were more like 12.5 million people without a task in America. Neil Speight, co-director of Nevada based business Freddie and Sebbie states... "Whatever the reality could be, there's no doubt that there are too many people in America left without the chance to have a typical family Christmas this year, which really is a sorrowful situation."

Neil described how a jobless friend of his did manage to get round the Christmas tradition last year. He stated... "Yes, an extremely close friend of mine told me that he was faced with a daunting Christmas at home with his family last year, having recently lost his job, and absolutely nothing left over as a Christmas budget. He said he chose to take his family out for a day on a family walk in the countryside, away from the conventional Christmas at home. The family had actually invested the little cash they had on a picnic lunch, which they planned to enjoy with nature, while out on their Christmas family walk. He said that it least it was a sunny day, and after discovering the perfect position, the whole family simply relaxed out on the picnic blanket, and enjoyed a terrific Christmas picnic of turkey sandwiches together in peaceful countryside without the normal Christmas sounds blaring out in the background."

The Freddie and Sebbie co-director discussed how well the entire day had worked out for that jobless family, stating that having actually taken pleasure in the experience so much that they had decided to repeat their outdoor Christmas picnic once again this year, in spite of that fact his good friend had actually discovered work. Neil said that he hoped that by sharing his close friend's experience, that other unemployed people would have the ability to delight in an alternative Christmas this year, as a family outdoors sharing a Christmas turkey picnic lunch with nature, despite of their current scenario.

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