Glow Sticks Are Essential For Halloween

Glow Sticks Are Essential For Halloween

September 12, 2013 - Chicago, IL -- We all love to make our homes look as creepy as possible over the Halloween. Keeping your home creepier and different each next Halloween can be a lot of fun. Glow sticks can really come handy at this period of the year, adding that extra frightening touch to your Halloween without too much effort or cash. Here are a few great ideas to make your home creeper and scarier this coming Halloween with glow sticks.

Create assorted Halloween ghosts and ghouls using glow sticks. This can be a lot of fun for kids. You may create different colored ghosts for each kid and let them ran ‘riot' in the neighborhood  scaring other kids off their pants.

Make some glow stick fairy jars by cutting open a glow stick and pour the liquid into a jar. Add some glitter into the jar and shake it to make it emit some awesome visuals. 

Be creative with your drinking glasses. Print out some scary monsters from your PC onto pieces of nicely colored papers and wrap each glass with these printouts. Snap glow sticks and place them inside each of the glasses. Set these glasses strategically all over the house where they are visible to all visitors. You can imagine that site.

If you are a fun of carving pumpkins over Halloween, well, make your pumpkin ‘faces' even creepier by adding glow sticks. Forget about using candles they are single colored and quite common with many people. Be a little creative and use different colors of glow sticks instead of candles. This can make them look really creepy.

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