Wolfpack Music Group Announces Int'l Recording Studio System and Partners with Social Good In Action

Wolfpack Music Group Announces Int'l Recording Studio System and Partners with Social Good In Action Wolfpack Music Group Announces Int'l Recording Studio System and Partners with Social Good In Action

Austin, TX (PRBuzz.com) October 31, 2012 -- Producer Robin Blesch, CEO of WPMG Music LLC, and founder of the Wolfpack Music Group, announces the formation of a growing international independent underground recording studio system as the backbone of her recently formed music production collective. She has also begun offering residual financial incentives to qualified music professionals who wish to use their skills to create socially conscious Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic, Pop, Dance, and Fusion music with the Wolfpack Music Group on a non-exclusive production contract basis.

The Wolfpack Music Group was publicly announced earlier this year, as an independent International music production collective for "Social Positivity Through Pop-Art," organized by Ms. Blesch, a University of Texas Anthropology Major. WPMG Music reports that not only did the Wolfpack Music Group have members in 6 countries, several states, and many cities across the United States at it's inception last February, but the group is now more than 45 music professionals strong and still growing with true globality as the goal for the future. The group is primarily focused on the production of new original unreleased socially conscious tracks currently, but is still accepting submissions from independent artists across the globe.

In keeping with the theme of "Social Positivity Through Pop-Art" Producer Robin Blesch of the Wolfpack is joining forces with Martesha Burrage of the the Houston, Texas based non-profit organization Social Good in Action (http://bit.ly/tx-sgia). Social Good in Action (SGIA) is a organization that focuses on helping other non-profit organizations raise money for community services and programs that support children affected by developmental disabilities like Austism by hosting fashion shows, music events, other charity fundraisers, and food and clothes drives.  More on the plans for this partnership and other sponsors and partners of the music group to be released.

The Wolfpack Music Group is working to be one of the strongest, most organized, and best equipped collective group of independent music artists that's ever broken onto the scene. The groups backbone is the slew of producers and studios associated now, and those who will add to the group in the future. Already, there is a good number of commercial, private, and personal recording studios involved with the Wolfpack Music Group's Indie Underground Recording Studio System, where members can lay down their vocals for group content at no cost up front to the artists (and at no loss to the studios). "We work together to minimize a good deal of the initial cost usually required for independent artists to create, so that our group can try to maximize our possible output of commercially viable intellectual property to package and distribute together," said Producer Robin Blesch.

Read more about the Wolfpack Music Group here: http://bit.ly/wpmgpr001
Submit to the Wolfpack Music Group here: http://bit.ly/wolfpackmusic

With independent studios on the east coast, west coast, and third coast, not to mention the ones located in various other places, the Wolfpack Music Group is cocked, locked, and ready to highlight a just couple of the studios owned by some of the music group leaders. Mandrake (http://www.mandrike.com) was one of the first producers with recording studios to officially join and record Wolfpack Artists in Waco, TX. Texas Music Producer, Dino CEO of Mysterious Entertainment, (http://www.mysteriousent.com)has been working diligently from his Studio in Killeen, recording a number of artists for the Wolfpack Music Group over the last couple of months. Also, with his studio in Killeen is SynnC of Midwest Productions.

This dynamic duo from Killeen (Along with Tx Producer DDI of Weird Kind in Austin) have worked to help Producer Robin Blesch set up her own new recording studio, Wolfpack Studios, in Austin, TX. "Studio owners helping another set up a new recording studio, not the norm in the industry, but it's the "Wolfpack Way," said Mrs. Lynne Pichotta, a founding member of the Wolfpack Film Group.

With a reciprocity based system model of mutual dependence and fair trade between members at times combined with a capitalistic model of working with/for each other to create more intellectual property to market and sell together, members of a team like the Wolfpack can be valuable assets to each other. "Dino was the most helpful when it came to setting up my new studio, driving to Austin from Killeen more than once helping with a good attitude, and really being a valuable member of the team we are building. Therefore, in return I'll do what I can to help him in return, like taking photos and video at a big performance he has coming up," said Ms. Blesch.  Dino of Mysterious Entertainment will perform for a large crowd on November 4th at the Killeen Civic Center and Convention Center for the 13th Annual Hair Expo by Silerlistic Enterprises where there will be a hair expo, car show, and people coming from Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas and all over Texas with over 8,000 in prizes given out.

Plans for the music group are grand, but are being executed in stages with the help of the groups own little private virtual cloud, which is only accessable by artists who submit, are selected, and non-exclusivly contracted to the project.  As Ms. Blesch works to produce the experimental project she conceived and gaind investment for last year, the production grows and gains support from a number of industry professionals and organizations.  In fact, @Producer_Robin recently returned from a week long business trip to Los Angeles, where she began meeting and talking with some influential individuals in Hollywood about her project. While in LA, she also spent time networking with others at Social Media Week Los Angeles, and got the chance to personlally visit several current and potential east coast studio partners.

While in LA, Ms. Blesch met up with California Producer TK, owner of, TK's Studio, one of her groups partner studios on the east coast. Together they attended a Hollywood red carpet event with Katelyn a new singer in the group from California. When asked, they all admitted that it was great to finally meet in person after having already connected and worked together virtually on-line. Katelyn said, "I was even on vacation in Florida recently, and got to put down a track with Wolfpack Artist Jor-G in his home studio. It's really cool to join a virtual production team, meet and work with the team on-line, and then later have the opportunity to meet and work with them in person while vacationing their town. I can see the many possibilities for this team in the future."

As Internet technology brings together like minded individuals from all over the world for all types of purposes, the Wolfpack Music Group utilizes the same technology to unite like minded artists who wish to create together virtually. The music group only creates socially conscious music together, but allows all its members to maintain their autonomy; creating their own art as they please. As the Wolfpack's recording studio system and it's producer pool and artist partners grow, so does the overall strength, versatility, and reach of the group. The complete rosters of companies, studios, and music professionals associated with the Wolfpack Music Group are yet to be released, as Ms. Blesch continues to construct the perfect virtual music production team.

As Ms. Blesch states, "The team I'm constructing can consist of no-name indie artists, artists who own their own labels, smaller organized groups of indie artists, artists signed to other labels, and even famous independent artists who wish to create an additional residual revenue stream with the Wolfpack Music Group. As it becomes more difficult for independent artists to compete in the industry in their stand-alone model, teamwork and reciprocity are key players in the Wolfpack model of hunting the success we all seek as independent artists... and like a hungry pack of ravenous wolves... the Wolfpack Music Group will kill it together... nothing can stand in the way of a very large pack of hungry wolves... However, with positivity at the core of this group music project, the challenge isn't just finding talented artists, but finding all the right artists whose heart will be in the creation of the socially conscious content I'm looking to create and release."

Read more about the Wolfpack Music Group here: http://bit.ly/wpmgpr001
Submit to the Wolfpack Music Group here: http://bit.ly/wolfpackmusic

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