Airplanista Aviation Blog Interviews Pilot Gretchen Menn of Zepparella

/ / November 10, 2011 - - The Airplanista Aviation Blog presents aviation blogs and interesting posts such as an interview with rock guitarist Gretchen Menn of the band, Zepparella. The interview explains how a female rock star transitioned from the flight deck of commercial airliners to stages all across the country.

"Gretchen's interview is just the kind of content I aim to present on the newly-redesigned Airplanista Aviation Blog," said Airplanista Blog Editor/Publisher Dan Pimentel. "Many aviation blogs focus on products and airplanes, and while we love to present similar material on occasion, we have been growing readership by publishing writing that shows the positive aspects of general and business aviation as human interest stories."

In the article, Menn explains that she has always played guitar, even while flying as a professional pilot. But when she joined the Led Zeppelin-inspired band Zepparella, her music career really took off. She still maintains her Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate, and tries to fly whenever she can.

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