RenderLife with Neal Render

Chicago, Illinois – February 9, 2018: A young man with an unbelievable goal that is now a reality in the lives of people watching, his name is Neal Render. An entertainment show gear towards an out of this world celebration, but where? will be airing its first episodic television talk show called "RenderLife with Neal Render" soon on one of the Chicago networks. Neal Render, author and amazingly excited motivational speaker, the CEO of RenderLife Productions LLC & host of "RenderLife" talk show desires to bring celebration, hope, and healing into the lives of others. The show is to be a new, enriching, empowering show that will feature real & personal stories with honest conversation. This show plans to feature both celebrity and non-celebrity guests. " Neal states, I really believe you can have your best life now! Time to rock out and get this party started and you all are invited!"

This show has been a layered work in progress since Neal Render lived in Mississippi for over 12 years. While encountering many many trials and tribulations involving failed relationships, and distress, he felt compelled to shift his young life. Before all of that, Neal Render served in the military for close to 10 years. He was in the Air Force and ranked up into being a military recruiter. Often times speaking to colleges ,high schools and presentations in the United States. He sensed that he had a higher calling in his life to really touch the lives of people in a meaningful way. From the time he landed in The Windy City a.k.a. Chicago on a snowy December morning 2015 to now, he has been working tirelessly in research and going to the "heart" of impoverished neighborhoods to celebrate the peoples' lives. He said, "My desire is to discover, elevate, and celebrate people for a better life." This show seeks to also empower women from various backgrounds as well.

“RenderLife” will be filmed in Chicago and will air weekends in the morning around Chicago and its surrounding areas. It will also be on social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter to engage the audience 24/7 throughout the nation unlike any other show ever been seen before.

"RenderLife" can be reached at:

Twitter @Render_Life

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Contact Name: Neal Render

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