Enjoy an Exotic Journey with the Mystical Sound of ‘Volition’ by The Paragon

Enjoy an Exotic Journey with the Mystical Sound of ‘Volition’ by The Paragon Enjoy an Exotic Journey with the Mystical Sound of ‘Volition’ by The Paragon

The constant change in hip hop and rap is truly appraising. This genre has come a long way from its initial form. The new school hip hop and rap is something more than the poetry format. Hip hop of this era uses singing styles as well; rappers are concentrating more on the musicality of their creations. The Paragon is a duo of rappers from this generation whose music can easily be distinguished from any other rap. The fusion of digital and analog style in their creations is what gives them an out of the box essence.

This music duo is made up of two musical artists – Halo Michaud and Terry Maverick. Each of them has their extra ordinary talent and skill of making some mind boggling trippy music. ‘Volition’ is the recent offering from them which is sung by Terry Maverick. The musical fluidity of this track will create a maze in your mind in which you’ll wobble around. The journey with this track will take you out of the world.

Volition’ talks about the power of using the will of a person. This rap can efficiently let you visualize the enigma. The influence of this duo from various musical genres has made them able to reach the heights of creativity. Their imagination power has given this track an offbeat essence. The reverberating effect of ‘Volition’ will make you hooked up for long. You’ll enter into a coop made of musical wall painted with attractive sound mixes.

The Paragon, with each one of their tracks, can give you the feel of trance. ‘Volition’ is somewhat one of the best numbers from the duo. They can spread love with their musical sense. Here is a sense of true art which deserves and receiving appreciation from the whole world. Browse through the official Soundcloud profile of The Paragon and fly with ‘Volition’.

Visit here to check out this song of 'The Paragon': https://soundcloud.com/allhailtheparagon/terry-maverick-volition

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