The ONE Offering Smart Piano Featuring Cutting-Edge Technology

The ONE Offering Smart Piano Featuring Cutting-Edge Technology

The ONE, a top-notch piano company based in San Francisco, is offering a broad range of Smart Pianos featuring cutting-edge technology in Australia.
The ONE is ushering in the future of music education with a line of smart pianos featuring cutting edge technology. Based in San Francisco, California, The ONE has been particular about the design and production aspect to meet the highest quality standards. It hired a top rated, Finland based firm for designing this product, while the manufacturing is done in association with one of the largest keyboard manufacturers in the world. Though a whole variety of affordable pianos are there on the market, The ONE’s offerings stand out for their performance and innovation.

Replying to a query related to The ONE’s product selection, one of its executives recently stated, “The ONE has always been keen on innovation. Our piano selection includes Acoustic Piano, Upright Piano and Light Piano, each manifesting our passion for innovation. Our Acoustic Piano builds on a heritage of over 3 centuries to deliver an amazing experience. With cutting-edge technology, superior strings, hammer felts with 100% virgin wool, foot pedals and a strong wooden base the Acoustic Piano is here to impress everyone with its overall quality.”

The ONE’s Light keyboard is a compact and portable teaching device to ever hit the market. The learner can make the most of the light-up keys to gain piano skills swiftly and conveniently. The piano company is letting individuals to start their musical journey with onyx black and white gold Light keyboard options. Nonetheless, the Upright Piano is attracting attention for its ability to combine the salient features of Acoustic Piano and Light Piano. The piano features foot pedals and other feature exclusive to Acoustic version and portability of the Light model.

Offering information on Smart Pianos, the executive further stated, “If our Smart Pianos are winning accolades and patrons the world over, it is for some good reasons. The pianos eliminate the need for any human instructor, thanks to the self-instruction feature. Our offerings also come with a free Android and IOS compatible app carrying numerous video lessons, a collection of over 2000 music sheets and several interactive games. The user can connect the piano to a Smartphone or tablet and start playing. The learning is not just convenient but fast as well, as even starters can learn to play a song within 5 minutes.”

The ONE’s Smart Piano is not just a learning tool but can also be of value to the established musicians as well. Currently, top professional musicians like Chinese pianist Lang Lang, Professor Zhou Hai Hong, Mr Song Ke, Professor Wang Ge and Stevie Wonder are using the piano keyboard for beginners for their musical endeavours. The ONE’s Smart Pianos have received several prestigious awards, such as, but not limited to, Edison Awards (Silver), The CES Innovation Awards, NAMM show’s ‘Best Teaching Tools’ Awards, and NAPPA Annual Product Awards 2016.

About The ONE:
With their base of operations in San Francisco, California, The ONE is a top-rated piano company with a focus on innovation. It is offering pianos in three options, including Acoustic, Upright and light, for learners and professionals alike. Lately, The ONE has emerged as the leading destination for anyone looking for the best keyboard piano lessons and digital piano in Sydney.

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