Travel Photographer, Peter Walton,Offers Insight into the Artistry of Photography

Melbourne, Australia – Jan. 30, 2017 –Thousands of people take vacations every year, happily snapping photos of everything in sight, hoping tocapture something unique to document their journey.Professional freelance photographer, Peter Walton, specializes in travel photography and noted that there’s far more to obtaining a truly inspiring shot than just a quick point-and-shoot effort.

“I always ask myself if my viewpoint will represent the scene, have I framed the subject too tightly, and am I holding the camera level so that my horizon will be level,” said Walton.

There’s artistry to taking a truly stunning photograph, particularly when working with landscapes. The goal is to make the viewer feel as if they were actually there with the photographer.

Walton has more than 40 years of experience as a freelance photographer and has traveled the world following his passion. His photographs have been featured in an array of media and his shots are perennial favorites within travel-related industries. For individuals who want to improve their photos, he has three basic tips.

Think about the motivation behind the photo

Every photo must have a focal point and it will often be the central point of interest in the photograph. Without a strong focal point, the viewer’s eye simply wanders with nothing special upon which to focus. Positioning of the focal point is also important, along with where it’s placed within the photograph. It’s helpful to mentally divide the vista into thirds – both horizontally and vertically – when setting up a shot.

Find a viewpoint

Perspective is an essential element for travel photography and landscapes. It gives a photograph depth and displays the spatial relationship between elements within the shot. Photographers should ask themselves if what they see in the lens would have more impact if taken from a viewpoint that’s slightly lower or elevated.

Lead the viewer’s eye

A truly great shot utilizes some type of attractive element in the foreground to lead the eye into the photograph and adds depth and dimension. Include some type of attractive elements in the foreground.

Utilizing Walton’s three easy tips for professional travel photography will help anyone become a better photographer and discover the artistry involved. Don’t approach photos as “capturing a moment in time.” Hone in on the beauty of the landscape and show viewers something they’ve never seen before.


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