"Graduated" by Thirdlaneprez has Immense Style and Hip Hop Confidence

"Graduated" by Thirdlaneprez has Immense Style and Hip Hop Confidence "Graduated" by Thirdlaneprez has Immense Style and Hip Hop Confidence "Graduated" by Thirdlaneprez has Immense Style and Hip Hop Confidence

If you have been looking for a song with lot of character and immense soundscape, listen to “Graduated”. This song by Thirdlaneprez has all elements to become a hit!

When it comes to music, there are loads of styles and genres with which one could experiment. However, amongst all the superb sounding beats and tunes – hip hop and rap has created a special place for itself. This genre has some of the amazing rappers and aspiring musicians who are trying to make it big in the music industry. Hip hop and rap music is all about a singer and beats synced together playing in the background. The genre is difficult as rapping is difficult and not everyone’s cup of tea. However, in Soundcloud – the superb artist Thirdlaneprez is making it big with his latest song – “Graduated”.

This artist from New York is making songs from a long time now under his label, True Empire. He has a definitive style and rhythm that is persistent in all his songs. But, “Graduated” has a far better tempo and sound than all the other songs by his contemporaries. The beat of the track has an alternative feel to it with high-end soundscape and lightness in the instruments. The trippy style of the rhythm makes for a superb backdrop that floats in an amazing manner with the superb voice of the artist backing it up.

The performance of Thirdlaneprez is basically classic hip hop mixed with trap and soul music. The song – “Graduation” has a defining beat and tempo with a specific concept and personality that slowly grabs your attention and makes fans interested. If you are always looking for an amazing hip hop and rap song, listen to “Graduation” for a confident vibe. It has positive beats that influences fans to listen to all his hip hop and rap songs. The song doesn’t have any hardcore essence rather it is inspiring fans with superb beats and musicality. To know more, connect and follow the rap artist, Thirdlaneprez on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Enjoy this track by visiting the following link: https://soundcloud.com/thirdlaneprez/graduated

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