“Why They Hatin” By Jayraa Is an Awesome Trap Infused Hip Hop Track

“Why They Hatin” By Jayraa Is an Awesome Trap Infused Hip Hop Track

Hip hop and rap music is one such genre that has attained mass appeal from music listeners residing in every corner of the globe.  It is worth to mention that the genre has open doors for young and aspiring indie artists who want to give a professional look to their hobby of rapping and composing, over the years the music landscape has witnessed the rise of many such artists who has grown from the grassroots level and today they have become top notch celebrities. One of the main reasons behind the motivation of these young talents is SoundCloud gala, the pioneering music streaming and sharing platform. SoundCloud gala has built strong relationships between artists and their fans and has also given new opportunities to many new talents.

This season the young and aspiring hip hop stud named Jayraa aka Baby Jay is turning out to be a promising star. He is new and drooped only a few tracks in the gala but the popularity is witnessing is something really overwhelming. Artist Jayraa is a Broward County breed and has grown up amidst a music-oriented family. Rapping is one of the common talents amongst his family members. Jayraa believes his craft he going to take him to the top-notch position in the industry. The track that has been immensely loved by the listeners is “Why They Hatin”. From music to vocals and rapping, the track is just perfect.

Why they Hatin” is a hard-hitting music piece blended with the trippy trap elements and the rage of rock music. The rapping style of Jayraa is aggressive and flamboyant that gets more exciting with attractive voice of the enigmatic stud. Jayraa has also grabbed listeners’ attention with his collaborative debut track “Whip it”, featuring JohnnyX. This track reveals Jayraa’s mastery over trap music genre as well. Keep grooving to these tracks on SoundCloud.

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