Love Changes written by the late Skip Scarborough

Your name?
Answer: Donnell Isaac

Where are you from:
Answer: Born Portsmouth Virginia, Resident of Greensboro, NC

Release date:
Answer: Feb 13, 2018

What's the name of the song?
Answer: Love Changes written by the late Skip Scarborough

What's the concept behind the song?
Answer: The concept for this album is that Love has the power to change hearts in marriages and relationship. Love has the power to change lives. Promoting relationship growth. Promoting healthy relation. Love can keep people together. This project is inspired by my wife Natasha Charlton who also is my manager. When you have some one that believes enough in you to sacrifice so much to see you win it’s love. This project out lines that from the moment we met. You experience real life love.
(Give as much information as you can)

Who producer the beat?
Answer: Jermaine “Jay New” Newsome and Mushran “MooshMilz” Johnson

Is this a single off your cd if so what the name of the album and the release date of the album?
Answer: Yes ; Love Changes

Where can they purchase the cd
Answer: Globally where music sold online line retail out lets. iTunes, spotify, google play etc
Physical copies through my website


Where can they listen to the song


Social media link

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