Picasso De Conscience Offers an Electro Hip Hop Music Extravaganza

Picasso De Conscience Offers an Electro Hip Hop Music Extravaganza Picasso De Conscience Offers an Electro Hip Hop Music Extravaganza

If you are bored listening to same old hip hop songs you’re in for a surprise. Listen to Picasso De Conscience – who is offering his fans new styles of songs.

Hip hop and rap has several styles associated with it. We might not have even heard of them and given the rise of new artists every now and then, the styles are gaining new meaning. One such amazing style is electro hip hop music. It is nothing more than musical instruments incorporated together to create amazing tunes with rhythmic speech. The gen next is going crazy for this form of music. It is being used as a vehicle to access mainstream hip hop music yet different from it. So, now if you have been wondering who creates such amazing music, it is none other than Picasso De Conscience. He is a rapper and beat-maker from Bellwood USA.

His songs are beautiful with a cool vibe to them. The music notes in the song are composed of high bass and notes with an unpredictable freshness. The songs have different musicality and no two songs are same to listen. The more you listen to the songs – the better becomes the structure with an unpredictable and electronic bass. From the perspective of lyrics, the song’s hook has a central lining that helps you remember the songs. Picasso De Conscience voice is a pleasant surprise. It is nothing short of smooth silk with a stunning melody that makes him popular.

In modern hip hop and rap music, the tracks are melodic and smooth. So, Picasso De Conscience songs are no less than that. Once the fans start listening to the songs, they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves. If you are still wondering which ones to listen, then you should stop now. His songs are no less than masterpieces, so, you must listen to – “6 Minutes of Hell”, “Home No More”, “9 Lives”, “Time”, “Still I Rise” and his latest song “Catching Bodies By Lyrics” available on Soundcloud. Picasso De Conscience is all about real music, sounds and lyrics. If you are interested, you can connect and follow the rapper on Instagram and SnapChat.

Click here to enjoy the tracks of Picasso De Conscience:


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