Get Engaged into the Breathtaking Track Jayball’s “Don’t Let Tonight End”

Get Engaged into the Breathtaking Track Jayball’s “Don’t Let Tonight End”

Composing a music piece is not just placing the pieces together. It’s about doing it perfectly be it the timing or the flow, in order to create a fluid story. Every different genre has different styles of composing. There are various terms, essential elements without which a music piece cannot attain the specific essence. In terms of Electronic Dance music, the arrangement matters a lot for the real spark depends on the feel it is able to deliver. An EDM composer who masters over the genre will include the elements like intro, verse, chorus, solo, break or bridge, riser and outro respectively to come up with a classic tack. From the angle of perfection, artist Jason Bales aka Jayball is an exemplary artist who is grabbing huge attention on SoundCloud gala. After getting overwhelming responses from his tracks, Jayball is back with “Don’t let Tonight End” on SoundCloud.

Jayball has already a proven track record as a renowned composer cum EDM artist working with Tunecore music label based on California. Recently, he has also formed a strong fan following on SoundCloud with his self composed tracks that has gone global. All his tracks that give a new dimension to Electronic Dance Music are “Im Going to Fly High”, all the tracks from his album “Shattered Moments” and of course his hot new single “Bright Lights”.  But with the track “Don’t Let Tonight End”, Jayball proves his mastery over house music genre as well.

This track is blended with the perfect music score that is refreshing and melodious with the female voice adding a touch of sensuality. The bridge in the track is made more powerful with the use of fantastic instrumental music. The strong cadence at the end gives energetic vibes and will keep listeners groove to the beat. EDM lovers, stay tuned to SoundCloud to listen more from Jayball.  

Listen to this Edm trrack link & enjoy the track :

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