"Like Me" is a Cool Composition by the Talented Kiki Rowe

"Like Me" is a Cool Composition by the Talented Kiki Rowe "Like Me" is a Cool Composition by the Talented Kiki Rowe "Like Me" is a Cool Composition by the Talented Kiki Rowe

If you want to hear the most stylish R&B music, you must visit SoundCloud. You will get the super artist Kiki Rowe with her entertaining and mesmeric “Like Me”. 

Rhythm and blues are often described as the most admired genre which was originated during 1940’s and it is becoming more popular. The genre heavily gives stress on the failures and triumphs and famous artist Kiki Rowe has made her entertaining “Like Me” a hit one with the presence of problem and obstacle she has gone through. The beginning of the song will take you by surprise because of the electrifying kind of factor and the brilliant way of displaying her music before more people is extraordinary. You will find the excellent R&B star on SoundCloud. Her attractive voice along with her great looks is fascinating.
Kiki Rowe has grown up in Mississauga and she was drawn towards music since her youth. She got her class or training in piano and also started writing songs at the tender age. She has even recorded R&B music and has sharpened her skill in this field. Her great song “Like Me” is finely structured and the tune is properly modelled. If you love hearing this kind of song, you will like Kiki Rowe too. The use of bass guitar and drum has made the song more entertaining. The sing has the fascinating vibe which you cannot forget. 

She has made her mini album released a long time back and now it is quite famous and it was done during 2014. Kiki was signed for Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Toronto Star who has described her as “One to watch”.  Her song is perfect when you are alone as the sing has nice feel and appeal which will create magic for you. The punchline and the beautiful kind of power with which she composes her own music will take away your breath. The soulful effect the music has will make you happy. If you want to take a ride to heaven, you must listen to her songs.

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